Master Li didn’t wear safety shoes and his feet were smashed

“The sole of the foot is swollen like a turtle, just because it doesn’t wear safety shoes,” said Fu Nian, a teacher next to Wang

“ah…” the workers in the second workshop all gathered around and looked. 1t turned out that it was the new technician, Master Li Zhen, who was just playing with his colleagues. He forgot the wrench in his hand. Accidentally, the wrench slipped from his hand and hit his feet. Around the workers, quickly dial 120 emergency call, careful second workshop director, quickly let colleagues bring scissors, director kneel on the ground, carefully with scissors to cut a pair of cloth shoes on Master Li Zhen’s feet. The red and swollen sole is like a turtle, and the toes have been neglected. The workers drove him carefully, anxiously waiting for the ambulance to arrive. When the doctor arrived, he looked at the red and swollen soles of his feet and said angrily, “don’t you have safety shoes in your factory? Let’s see what the child’s feet are smashed into.”. Two medical staff with a stretcher put Master Li Zhen on the car. He was still very young. Holding the hands of the medical staff, he asked, “my feet won’t be disabled. 1t’s really painful.” The medical staff advised him to think in a good direction

after going to the hospital for examination, the doctor said: “fortunately, the blood vessels and nerves of the sole of the foot are not seriously damaged, so we need to go back to the hospital for maintenance after anti-inflammatory and intravenous drip.” A pair of safety shoes, an accident, an alarm….

China labor protection net protective equipment knowledge class:

safety shoes are the general name of safety shoes and protective shoes, which are generally used in different workplaces to protect feet and legs from foreseeable injuries. According to different functions and uses, safety shoes are divided into Anti smashing, anti puncture, anti-static, etc

protective shoes and safety shoes can not be confused:

many people think that protective shoes are safety shoes, in fact, this is not correct. According to China’s current standards, safety shoes and protective shoes are two different standards. The national standard for safety shoes is gb21148-2007, and the national standard for protective shoes is gb21147-2007.

in connection with this incident, Xiaobian reminds relevant manufacturers to strengthen the management and supervision of personal protective equipment for workers; Popularize workers’ awareness of safety protection articles

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