Master taught me how to escape

“Xiaocheng, do you know the major hazard source of the acetone cyanohydrin unit we maintain?” Asked Master Wang Jianhua” 1t should be the six ammonia compressors in the refrigeration pump room! ” Cheng Huiyu, a young worker in the maintenance workshop of No.2 Chemical Plant of Daqing Petrochemical Company, replied confidently

“well, that’s right. 1f there’s a leak there, what should we do if we patrol as we do now?” Master Wang asked seriously, but Cheng was a little confused. “1f 1 encounter such danger, what should 1 do?” Xiao Cheng looks at the master and mumbles to himself

“don’t you know? Today 1’ll teach you how to escape. ” Master Wang pointed and said, “first of all, you should leave the installation area as fast as you can. When you run, you should try to look at these wind vanes at high altitude and run upwind. Secondly, we need to find a place with water source. 1f you see the cooling water tower behind us, use your clothes or gloves to block your mouth and nose after getting wet with water. The nearest gate to our installation area, you know? Try to run outside the factory. 1f you really can’t get out, wait for help in the cooling water tower. Ammonia is very easy to dissolve in water, but can not jump into the water, ammonia has a strong corrosive. Finally, 1 want to remind you that although our safety helmets and labor protection shoes are heavy, they must not be discarded. These things can help you prevent injuries. Be sober when you are in danger. Don’t be afraid, nervous or flustered. Only in this way can we get out of danger as soon as possible. ” After that, Master Wang took Xiaocheng to practice looking for an escape route

it’s human instinct to run away. Only by running away correctly can we get out of danger. Although this is only a lesson from the old master during the inspection, young workers who have just entered the factory have benefited a lot and learned how to protect themselves

ammonia is dangerous, but “all accidents can be prevented.” DuPont Spirit tells us that this kind of danger can also be found and prevented in time. As long as we observe, pay attention to and commit to practice, we can deal with it orderly and calmly when the danger comes

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