Material and surface treatment of eyewash

1. Stainless steel also has the disadvantage of rusting. The reason why stainless steel can resist the corrosion of chemical substances is that there is a layer of passive film on the outer surface of stainless steel. 1f this layer of passive film is damaged, the anti-corrosion ability of stainless steel eye washer will be greatly weakened. Within a certain period of time (generally within 3 months), corrosion spots will appear, and corrosion perforation will occur after a long time, The eyewash doesn’t work at all. Many eyewash manufacturers buy stainless steel tubes from the market, first process the connecting thread, and then polish, so that the surface of the eyewash is very smooth and beautiful. However, 1 don’t know that after polishing the passivation film on the surface of stainless steel materials, they can’t resist the corrosion of chemical substances at all. After they are sold to customers, there is no relevant after-sales service support, so customers suffer losses

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