materials and main types of welding gloves

Welding glove is a kind of working gloves for welding workers, which is fire-resistant and heat-resistant, and can provide safety protection and comfort for workers. According to the welding process and spark spatter size, it can be roughly divided into two types of welding gloves, namely arc welding gloves and argon gas welding gloves. Today, we will share the materials and main categories of welding gloves for you

welding glove material:

the main materials are cow hide, cow hide, pig skin, sheep skin and other natural leather< Characteristics of welding gloves: they are mainly heat insulation, wear resistance, preventing splashes from scalding, blocking radiation, and have certain insulation performance main types: different types of welding have different effects on welders, so according to various types of welding, it can be roughly divided into two types of welding gloves: 1. The so-called manual welding of ordinary manual welding gloves is the welding in which we usually clamp the electrode with a pair of pliers. There are many high temperature spatters in this kind of welding. So most of the gloves used are Gary’s double-layer gloves. The length is more than 35cm< Argon arc welding gloves (T1G) this kind of welding spatter is less, but the temperature is high, the radiation is strong, and the welding wire is relatively fine. Therefore, this kind of gloves feel better, thinner, not too long en12477: type A, type B anti conductivity / insulation resistance ≥ 10 ^ 6 ohm, resistance ≥ 10 ^ 6 ohm anti abrasion 500 times 100 times anti cutting index 1.2, index 1.2 anti tearing 25 n 10 N anti puncture 60 n 20 N anti combustion 3 level 2 anti thermal conductivity 100 ℃ 100 ℃ anti hot air flow HT1 ≥ 7 25 anti fine metal slag particles and 15 anti fine metal slag particles Dexterity (nail diameter) ≤ 11mm ≤ 6.50MM

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