materials for labor protection shoes

1. Sole materials

commonly include all rubber, vulcanized rubber, or PVC, etc. The main functions of sole are wear resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, heat insulation and oil resistance. However, due to the different characteristics of various materials, the function of sole is also different. The sole interlayer of labor protection shoes is equipped with steel sheet, which is used to prevent the sole from being punctured by nails or hard objects. 1n addition, soles made of certain materials can reduce the generation of static electricity or slow the release of static electricity. This can control the possibility of explosion or fire caused by static electricity< Second, the materials used for shoe body are leather, artificial leather, PVC and synthetic fiber. These materials have their own advantages. For example, real leather shoes are more durable, more comfortable to wear, but less resistant to corrosive liquids. Artificial leather can be used in the case of waterproof, corrosive chemicals or other pollutants, but if there is loss on its surface, its function will be affected. PVC is best used in wet and slippery environments and is easy to clean, but can be decomposed by some chemicals. Synthetic fiber shoes are easy to clean and resistant to chemical decomposition

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