Materials of safety shoes

safety soles are also called soles. According to the materials, they can be simply divided into natural rubber or synthetic rubber. Common all rubber, vulcanizate, or PVC, etc. The main functions of sole are wear resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, heat insulation and oil resistance. However, due to the different characteristics of various materials, the function of sole is also different. The sole interlayer of safety shoes is equipped with steel sheet, which is used to prevent the sole from being punctured by nails or hard objects. 1n addition, soles made of certain materials can reduce the generation of static electricity or slow the release of static electricity. This can control the possibility of explosion or fire caused by static electricity. 1n addition to the use of anti-skid rubber sole, the sole design is also very important for the anti-skid function. Rubber sole not only has good wear-resistant function, but also has good anti-skid function

safety shoes commonly used in the classification of artificial leather artificial leather: recycled leather is also called imitation leather or rubber, is the general term of PVC and PU and other artificial materials. 1t is made of PVC, PU and other foamed or coated materials with different formulations on the basis of textile or non-woven fabrics. 1t can be processed according to different strength, wear resistance, cold resistance, color, luster, pattern and other requirements. 1t has the characteristics of various designs and colors, good water resistance, neat side width, high utilization rate and relatively low price, But most of the artificial leather, its handle and elasticity can not achieve the effect of leather; 1ts longitudinal section, you can see fine bubble holes, cloth or surface film and dry man-made fiber. 1t is a kind of material which is very popular from the early days until now. 1t is widely used to make all kinds of leather products, or some genuine leather materials. 1ts increasingly advanced manufacturing technology is widely used in the production of double skin. Today, it’s like real leather

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