Matters needing attention in purchasing automatic dimming welding mask

First of all, look at the production process of automatic dimming welding mask appearance, how the details can reflect the company’s production capacity and attention to the product. 1n addition, you can look at the incandescent lamp (lighter light is too weak, may not make him very sensitive reaction, LED flashlight can’t make the dimming mask black). When facing the incandescent lamp, it will turn black. Then you can adjust the knob on the side of the mask to adjust the darkness of the LCD screen, and observe whether the darkness of the LCD screen changes evenly (the inferior LCD screen does not turn black evenly, but there will be a black line in the middle of the LCD screen, which moves up and down or left and right with the adjustment of the knob)

in addition, you can observe the edge of the LCD screen when welding to see if it will be black in the middle of the LCD screen, and the edge of the LCD screen will be much brighter. This phenomenon is because the LCD screen is made of poor quality LCD screen

poor quality LCD can not protect the eyes, but will damage the eyesight of the eyes, resulting in serious phenomenon of myopia or astigmatism. Please choose welding mask carefully

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