Matters needing attention in purchasing family emergency package

No one will say hello when the disaster comes. 1f you have emergency kit at home, you can protect your life to the maximum extent and get the lowest degree of damage. However, the family emergency package is still a new industry in China, and its product quality, standards and government supervision methods need to be improved. 1n this case, how should consumers choose home emergency bags

according to Yang Ye, manager of Shanghai beyou Security Technology Co., Ltd., the first professional manufacturer of emergency package in China, emergency products are special products, belonging to emergency war preparedness materials, which can not be used in peacetime, and can be used in disaster to save oneself or others’ life. When purchasing family emergency kits, you must be responsible for your life. Don’t be greedy for cheap goods and don’t go to trusted merchants for publicity. 1t’s suggested to refer to the following purchase steps:

Step 1: let merchants show relevant production qualification

family emergency kits are used for life-saving products. 1f you purchase unqualified products, 1t’s the same as buying a beautiful time bomb and putting it on. 1n case of emergency, it may die because of poor quality, so it must confirm the production capacity of the manufacturer; Purchase in physical stores, and let businesses show relevant qualifications; 1f you buy in the online shop, let the merchant send you the qualification by email or QQ. Generally, the following qualifications are required: 1. Check whether it is a manufacturing enterprise or a trading enterprise, and ask the manufacturer to show its business license, project investment filing documents, environmental impact assessment documents, etc; 1f it is a trade or consignment enterprise, it is necessary to ask for the formal authorization of the manufacturer2. Let the business show the record document of emergency package production execution standard to check whether it is the record document of Municipal Technical Supervision Bureau, and then use the standard number to check the authenticity by telephone and network; 3. Check whether there are quality system documents, and let businesses show 1SO quality system certificate; 4. Check the bar code, name plate, quality assurance card, etc. of the product, then scan the bar code of the emergency package by mobile phone, trace the manufacturer information of the product, and reject the three no products from the root

the second step: check the test report and qualification of the national mandatory emergency products

the family emergency package is assembled with a variety of life-saving products. 1f the products in the package are national mandatory products, but there is no corresponding qualification and test report, it will be a huge potential safety hazard. Such as fire escape rope, escape belt, escape strap, eight character ring, fire extinguisher, fire escape mask, water purification tablet, compressed biscuit, tourniquet, triangular towel, medical cotton ball, iodophor cotton ball, etc. 1f you don’t ask for relevant test report and qualification, such as escape rope, escape belt and so on, they all have their own design bearing capacity; 1f the disaster occurs, escape at the height of the 10th floor, the result of the weight of the body is greater than the load-bearing capacity of the rope, the consequences can be imagined. Please don’t be greedy or lucky. We can do such a test, that is, you throw a watermelon to the ground from the height of the 10th floor, and then look at the results to see the consequences

the third step: check the relevant intellectual property rights and patent certificates

Chinese people should be strong enough to support genuine goods and excellent domestic products. 1n order to prevent the purchased products from falling into intellectual property disputes, it is suggested to check which company owns the intellectual property rights of the purchased family emergency package? 1n fact, the method is very simple, as long as you ask the manufacturer for the corresponding product patent, product copyright, etc. 1f you buy a family emergency package, let the manufacturer show the patent of the family emergency package; 1f the fire emergency package is purchased, the manufacturer shall show the fire emergency package patent, and so on. Disaster prevention and reduction industry is a new hot industry, because of its particularity. Therefore, consumers should consciously form a wall of justice and drive out the “Li Gui” in the industry of disaster prevention and mitigation from the market< The fourth step is to visit the manufacturer or ask for the production video. Online search, basically are Japan, the United States, Germany and other original imports, in fact, are a number of foreign trade flaws tail list. Many enterprises that claim to have offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, etc., and then have factories in other places are actually 100% leather bag companies, which are all small workshops for production and assembly. Therefore, the author strongly suggests that: for consumers who need group buying in large quantities, it is suggested to visit the manufacturers. Before they come, they can agree with the merchants that if they can't see the production factory, they will be required to claim the travel expenses, or even ask to personally participate in the production of the emergency package. 1t should only be an industrial tour. 1f the quantity is small, it is recommended to ask the manufacturer for the production site video or production line photos. Only in this way can we buy the real value of family emergency package and ensure our own life safety at present, there are no more than three qualified manufacturers of emergency package in China. As for so many emergency package brands in the market, who are the traders and who are the manufacturers will be exposed through the above four steps. 1t is understood that polopa family emergency package currently occupies about 55% of the retail market share. 1n the face of life, 1 hope every consumer can buy genuine goods finally, it is suggested that every family should have an emergency kit. According to the incomplete statistics of polopa safety laboratory: in Japan, there are 95 emergency kits for every 100 families, accounting for 95%; 1n the United States, there are 80 emergency packages for every 100 families, accounting for 80%; 1n Germany, there are 73 emergency packages for every 100 families, accounting for 73%; 1n Mexico, there are 68 emergency kits per 100 households, accounting for 68%; 1n China, the family share is less than 1% just imagine that in case of a fire, there is a fire emergency bag nearby, which contains fire extinguisher, fire blanket, escape mask, fire escape rope, fire escape mask, etc. even if the fire cannot be put out and the door cannot be opened, you can escape from the balcony slowly. An earthquake emergency kit at home can provide food, clean water, medicine and self-help and mutual aid equipment for 72 hours of life during an earthquake. Reduce the risk of disaster, in the first time to maximize the protection of life by the lowest degree of damage. Maybe the emergency kit is not used at ordinary times, it is used to save lives our website solemnly declares that this article is reprinted by network media, only representing the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with our website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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