Matters needing attention in purchasing labor protection shoes

1. anti smashing:

when objects fall or collide on the operation site, the toe protection steel head can be selected to prevent the collision of heavy and sharp substances. 1t is required to meet the ld50-94 standard2. Puncture prevention:

if there is a danger of nail, metal scrap or other sharp objects stabbing or cutting the sole of the foot at the operation site, the puncture prevention function can be selected, and its requirements must meet the standard of gb12017-89. 1t is divided into Anti puncture special grade 1100n, grade 1 780N and grade 11 490N. When purchasing, pay attention to the specific environmental characteristics to determine the corresponding performance level< 3. Anti static: anti static shoes must be able to eliminate the accumulation of human body static electricity and prevent electric shock from the power supply below 250V. The sole insulation must be considered to prevent the harm of electric shock or electric shock, and the requirements must meet the gb4285-1995 standard< 4. Electric insulation: electric insulating shoes are protective shoes that can insulate people’s feet from live objects and prevent electric shock. The requirements must meet the standard of gb12011-2000< 5. Acid and alkali resistant shoes: leather acid and alkali resistant shoes can only be used in acid and alkali workplaces with low concentration, and can not be soaked in acid and alkali solution for a long time. The requirements must meet the standard of gb12018-1989< 6. Sole: the sole materials of leather shoes include rubber, polyurethane, modified polyvinyl chloride, etc. in the national industry standard of leather shoes, the folding resistance, wear resistance and hardness of the sole are specified. The folding resistance, wear resistance testing machine and hardness tester should be used to test. When selecting shoes, the sole should be elastic when pressing with fingers, and there is no small piece falling off when pulling the sole by hand, 1t’s better to be soft when bending. At present, there are many quality problems of rubber shoe outsoles, such as fracture and block falling off. This is because the sole manufacturer ignores the product quality, and the rubber content in the rubber sole is low, so it uses recycled rubber and other fillers excessively, which reduces the quality of the sole the sole must be made to have anti-skid function. According to different working environment, the material and grain design of the sole can increase the friction and have better anti-skid effect; The sole can also be made with shockproof, static electricity proof, insulation, heat proof, oil proof and other functions< 7. Vamp: it is usually made of cow leather with good air permeability< 8. Size and weight: safety shoes are different from daily shoes, because there is a steel wrap at the front end to protect the foot site, so wearing safety shoes should be slightly larger than daily shoes. The judgment standard is: 8.1 feet should be extended into the shoes, and the heel should be able to accommodate at least one finger 8.2 tie the shoelaces well, move the toes up and down, left and right, and you should not feel the toes being rubbed or squeezed 8.3 when walking for a few steps, you should not feel the instep squeezed 8.4 if you feel squeezed, it is recommended that you have a larger size of safety shoes 8.5 order size is best near the evening 8.6 the weight of safety shoes should not exceed 1kg 8.7 when wearing too heavy and tight safety shoes, it is easy to cause foot diseases such as mold breeding China labor insurance net

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