MCC group innovates safety education mode to build staff safety education experience Hall

Safety is the foundation of the development and benefit of construction enterprises, which is an unavoidable topic. As a group with more than 50 years of development history, MCC takes enterprise safety construction as a strategic thinking to build a harmonious enterprise and a long-term mechanism of safety management. With a high sense of responsibility and innovative spirit, it has established an employee safety education experience hall, which has made remarkable achievements in employee safety education. The enterprise has become a leading enterprise in the industry and a leading and main force in the metallurgical construction industry

MCC Group believes that safety is not a face project, but to be implemented, safety is not a slogan, but a real action, and safety is not only for themselves, but for everyone. Everyone should always keep safety in mind, in order to build a standing security line of thought, behavior and life. 1n fact, the safety ideological education of construction enterprise employees can improve the safety quality of employees to a greater extent. 1n the past, the safety education of employees mainly adopted such safety education methods as education analysis, personal experience, case warning, pre class oath and safety knowledge competition, but these methods can not meet the needs of safety education of employees in the new situation. 1n view of this, the company has innovated the staff safety education mode and invested in building the staff safety education experience Museum. Through personal experience of the use of various safety protection articles and the instant feeling when danger occurs, the staff can enhance their safety awareness and minimize the probability of various accidents

The Experience Hall of MCC group has many safety experience projects, such as safety first aid experience, wire rope use experience, balance beam use experience, electric shock prevention experience, fire extinguisher demonstration experience, helmet impact experience, mobile platform push down experiment and so on. Through personal experience in the safety education experience hall, the employees deeply understand that “safety is no trivial matter”, and prevention is the most important principle. 1t is more effective than the past safety lectures, knowledge competitions, oath before construction, personal experience and case warning, which can be said to have an immediate effect

What’s the experience of being hit by an accident while wearing a helmet? A reporter wearing a safety helmet walked into the experience area. When the operator pressed the button, an iron bar on his head fell down and fell on the safety helmet. The reporter felt that his head was indisposed and his hat was also shaken. The whole process was startled. 1t is understood that the impact force of the helmet is about 3 kg. 1t’s OK to have the helmet protection. 1f you don’t wear it, the consequences will be unimaginable

if there is no danger, it is safe; if there is no danger, it is safe; The accident was startling, and the alarm bell rang for a long time; Management loopholes are the root of tragedy; Checking hidden danger is not only the hidden danger of mechanical equipment, but also the hidden danger of people’s ideology; 1t is the level to be good at finding hidden dangers and the ability to solve them in time; 1t is wise to be good at innovating safety management methods. 1f there is no prevention awareness and measures to improve the effectiveness of staff safety education, safety accidents will come uninvited

MCC group insists on implanting enterprise safety education into enterprise construction management, which is not only a strategy of operation and management, but also a wisdom embodiment of boosting enterprise sustainable development

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