Measures to prevent fire extinguisher explosion

The fire extinguisher is generally composed of cylinder, head, nozzle and other components. With the help of driving pressure, the fire extinguishing agent is ejected to achieve the purpose of fire extinguishing. The cylinder of the fire extinguisher is generally welded by 1.2 to 1.5 mm steel plate, and the pressure it can bear is several MPa, some as high as 20 MPa

the fire extinguisher is used to put out the fire. 1f it is not properly kept and operated, it can also explode. So, how to prevent the fire extinguisher from exploding and hurting people

first, carbon dioxide, haloalkane and pressure storage dry powder fire extinguishers should not be stored in high temperature places to avoid physical explosion

Second, it is strictly forbidden to disassemble and assemble the used fire extinguisher without authorization, so as to prevent the explosion of the faulty fire extinguisher in the process of disassembly and assembly. 1t should be sent to the qualified unit for filling and maintenance

thirdly, if the fire extinguisher is seriously rusted or the cylinder is deformed, and reaches the age of scrapping, it should be stopped using immediately and sent to the maintenance unit for treatment

Fourth, it is strictly forbidden to sell the fire extinguisher as scrap iron, and the discarded fire extinguisher should be perforated on the cylinder according to the management regulations of pressure vessels

fifthly, the fire extinguisher should be handled with care in the process of moving to avoid explosion after collision and deformation

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