Medical grade moisturizing silk garment developed in UK

after five years of research and development, dreamskin health Ltd. in the UK launched the world’s first moisturizing, medical grade silk clothing series, which are designed to alleviate the itching and irritation of eczema and dermatitis

the secret of this garment is a proprietary biomimetic copolymer matrix, which is firmly integrated with the silk surface and has the function of managing skin moisture and temperature. Patients mainly benefit from dream skin polymers. Howard Keynes, the company’s technical director, said: “our inspiration comes from how the hydration of modern contact lenses meets the standard, and we have achieved similar effects on fabrics with our knowledge of fabric engineering.”

dream skin clothing is currently suitable for baby clothing, masks, tops, leggings and children’s pajamas. Because the design is very considerate, this kind of clothing will feel very comfortable. The seams are far away from the stimulated parts, such as armpits, elbows and the inside of knee joints, fingers and toe bands. Flat seam technology ensures that the stimulation of all clothing is minimized

dream skin clothing has the advantages of improving skin moisture and water regulation, helping to reduce skin itching and irritation, helping to coordinate and maintain body temperature, supporting the recovery of skin function, and reducing the contact between skin and irritants

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