Meet the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China: gradually improve the quality of labor protection articles in China

through the establishment of rules and regulations, the improvement of the standard system, and the strengthening of supervision and inspection, the quality of labor protection articles in China has been gradually improved, and the health of workers has been protected –

the last barrier has become more and more firm

according to rough estimation, the direct economic loss caused by occupational diseases and industrial accidents in China every year is up to 100 billion yuan, The indirect economic loss is more than 200 billion yuan. To reduce casualties and reduce the incidence of occupational hazards, in addition to establishing and improving the responsibility system, increasing safety investment, improving the working environment and facilities, strengthening on-site management, and strengthening supervision and law enforcement, it is also an important measure to establish and improve the scientific and perfect standard system of labor protection articles, improve the quality of labor protection articles, and enhance the self-protection ability of employees< 1n 2005, the State Administration of work safety promulgated the regulations on the supervision and administration of labor protection articles in the form of No.1 order of the General Administration of work safety, which marks that the supervision and administration of labor protection articles in China has entered a new historical period, 1ts implementation has played an important role in the work of labor protection and occupational safety and health of employees. After that, the State Administration of work safety issued the supporting implementation rules and a series of relevant documents of the regulations, which further clarified the supervision ideas of labor protection articles, and played a strong role in promoting the implementation of the regulations in order to improve the quality of labor protection articles and strengthen the quality inspection, the State Administration of work safety has supervised and managed the inspection and testing institutions of labor protection articles, and successively approved a number of inspection and testing institutions of labor protection articles, which provide technical support for the safety supervision department to carry out the supervision of labor protection articles< At present, more than 1200 special labor protection products manufacturing enterprises have obtained safety marks. The safety sign is not only the certificate that the special labor protection articles meet the national standard safety protection performance, but also the certificate that the qualified special labor protection articles enter the market. The implementation of safety signs is helpful for users to identify the authenticity of labor protection articles when purchasing and using, for the supervision and inspection of safety supervision departments, and for standardizing the market of labor protection articles in 2005 and 2009, the State Administration of work safety organized and carried out special inspection on labor protection articles nationwide. The key industries under special supervision are coal mines, metal and non-metal mines (including oil and gas exploitation), chemical industry, construction, metallurgy and manufacturing and processing industry. Through the special supervision, the production and business units have standardized the management of the purchase, acceptance, storage, distribution, use, replacement and scrapping of labor protection articles, and the employing units have trained and supervised the employees to correctly wear and use labor protection articles through the special supervision, the safety supervision department has grasped the outstanding problems existing in the production, sales and use of labor protection articles, cooperated with the quality supervision department and the industrial and commercial administration department to clean up and rectify the unlicensed production enterprises, resolutely cracked down on the illegal enterprises and vendors suspected of counterfeiting and selling, and gradually standardized the labor protection articles market< 1t is a major feature of the healthy development of China's labor protection industry to give full play to the role of relevant professional associations. The labor protection committee of China Association of work safety is the only national social organization specialized in individual protection in China's labor protection industry. The professional committee has done a lot of work in improving the organization construction, carrying out academic exchanges and international exchanges, organizing technical training and so on. 1t has successively set up six working groups: head and fall protection group, respiratory protection group, protective clothing group, hand and foot protection group, labor protection product distribution group, testing and inspection organization group in addition to the professional committee, there are other professional committees related to labor protection in China, such as the safety and health protection articles Committee of China Textile Business Association. The trade fair of labor protection articles held twice a year by the Committee has held 84 sessions in April this year in the field of labor protection industry, the emergence of many similar but different associations is undoubtedly a good thing for the development of China’s labor protection industry. At present, with the increasing supervision of occupational safety and health, including labor protection work, many enterprises that want to become bigger and stronger are getting information and services from professional associations

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