Mei Si’an personal safety protection

Mei Si’an personal safety protection

There are data showing that there are thousands of labor protection equipment manufacturers nationwide, with tens of thousands of people working in the industry, serving safe production. According to statistics from the National Labor Protection Product Safety Production License Office, there are 800 special labor protection product manufacturers nationwide, and 1,288 safety production licenses have been issued, including 132 safety helmets, 74 safety belts, and 112 anti-static conductive shoes; There are 42 dust-proof masks; 150 toe-protecting safety shoes; 46 flame-retardant protective clothing; 190 security; anti-static work clothes; 49 acid and alkali-resistant leather shoes; 147 electrical insulating shoes. It can be seen that protective products in the country of labor have formed a large industry. However, China’s labor protection products industry is still a weak industry, and compared with the developed, we still have a considerable gap. The main manifestations are that labor protection products are extremely backward in compliance with standards, product varieties still have gaps, technological content is not high, quality is uneven, scientific research investment is insufficient, and upgrading is relatively backward.
Mei Si’an personal safety protection agent conventional protective equipment mainly fire helmets, fire fighting suits, fire boots, fire gloves, fire safety belts, fire safety hooks, hooks, thermal insulation clothing, waterproof lamps, flameproof explosion-proof lights, Infrared detectors, fire air breathing apparatus, etc.
Mei Sian’s personal safety protection agent strengthens safety in production, does a good job of labor protection products, and controls and reduces the occurrence of various accidents to the greatest extent, creates a good safe production environment for the sustained and healthy development of the economy, and is safe at all levels The primary responsibility of the production supervision and management department is also the obligatory responsibility of the labor insurance industry and industry associations.

The overall fire protection clothing has good flame resistance and radiant heat penetration resistance, and can pass through the fire area in a short time for fire fighting and emergency rescue. The fireproof clothing is made of polypropylene fiber fabric and aluminum foil composite, and does not contain asbestos.
Compared with similar products in China, it has the advantages of light weight, high temperature resistance, heat insulation, fire resistance, high strength, wear resistance, folding resistance, softness and harmlessness. It can effectively protect the firefighters during fire fighting operations. Safety.
Fireproof clothing is the protective clothing worn by firefighters and high-temperature workers when working near fire. It is used for thermal insulation protection of their upper and lower torso, head, hands and feet, including fireproof jackets, fireproof pants, and fireproof headgear. , Fireproof gloves and fireproof foot covers. It has the characteristics of fire resistance, heat insulation, abrasion resistance, folding resistance, flame retardant, anti-radiation heat, etc. The anti-radiation heat temperature is as high as 1000¡æ.
To check the fireproof clothing regularly, once every six months or a year, in order to effectively save the fireproof clothing and increase the service life of the fireproof clothing, when folding the fireproof clothing, pay attention to the opening of the head cover, the neck buckle and the two sleeves. . The clothes are folded left and right, the gloves are placed in the middle, and the boots are rolled up from the bottom.

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