Memories of construction sites

1t has been four years since 1 left the construction unit and transferred to the propaganda department. 1n the past four years, due to my work, 1 still often go to the construction site with my camera in my hand. Whenever 1 pass by the construction site that 1 used to be so familiar with and fighting, 1 always think of a real story that happened to me many years ago

it was a winter a few years ago when my company was going to expand the factory building. The subordinate enterprises of the company were carrying out all the work of the expansion project in an orderly manner according to the requirements of the project. At noon, the sky suddenly turned sunny after three or four days of overcast weather. The temperature suddenly rose to more than 20 degrees centigrade. The construction masters took off their woolen vests and safety helmets one after another. At that time, our group was dismantling a reducer on the polymerizer on the construction site. 1 was holding a copper rod with a thick bowl mouth. My master was hammering the copper rod with an 18 pound iron hammer. During the work break, just as 1 was taking off my helmet like the masters and preparing to put it on the platform, 1 suddenly subconsciously felt that it was not safe for me to be so unobstructed? With this instinct, 1 did not hesitate to put the helmet 1 had just taken off on my head again

the construction continued. Five minutes later, an incredible thing happened under my eyes. Due to the fatigue of continuous dance hammer, the master’s hand was soft. The wooden handle of the iron hammer touched the polymerizer. The broken iron hammer crossed a long arc in the air and hit my safety helmet. At that time, 1 just felt like there was a kilo weight on my head. As soon as 1 shrunk my neck, the 18 pound iron hammer hit the grass under the 6-meter-high platform heavily, 20 cm deep into the ground. Seeing this scene, several masters who were looking for the iron hammer at the scene at that time kept sticking out their tongue: “if Xiao Zhong hadn’t been wearing a safety helmet, 1 would have seen Marx now!”

although it has been several years, 1 still have a lingering fear in Retrospect: if 1 slacked off because of the rising temperature at that time; 1f 1 took off the safety helmet from my head for ease and comfort at that time, it would have been a disaster. The consequences are unimaginable! 1n the subsequent work, 1 took this as a lesson. Whenever 1 entered the production site, 1 often couldn’t help thinking whether 1 was wearing a safety helmet or not. Relying on this kind of persistent safety awareness, although my masters and 1 have gone through more than a thousand times of construction in recent years, “safety first, The concept of “prevention first” is like an invisible “safety helmet”, which is deeply cherished in my heart, warning me to pay attention to safety from time to time

now, although 1 have been transferred away from the main battlefield of the construction site, 1 still wear a safety helmet every time 1 enter the factory. Whenever 1 see some workers who forget to wear safety helmets and are still fighting at the production site, 1 can’t help but step forward and remind them not to forget to wear safety helmets, which is a life-saving safety helmet

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