men climb the roof to cut the safety rope of painters

Because the mobile phone music of the painters outside the building was too noisy, the Korean man Xu, who was sleeping in the house, climbed up to the top of the 12 story building and cut the safety rope above the painters with a knife, causing him to fall dead. At present, the local police plan to be suspected of homicide Xu will be submitted for arrest

a man who was painting an apartment in Liangshan City, South gyeongshang, South Korea, died on August 8, according to the report of Asian economy on December 12. Police initially concluded that it was a safety accident, but then found knife marks on his safety rope. Police said on the 12th that after investigation, Xu, a resident of the apartment, was seriously suspected

according to the report, when Xu was interrogated by the police, he said that when he was sleeping, he was woken up by the mobile phone music of the painter Jin. 1n the case of reminding to turn off the music, but Kim still goes his own way, he climbs to the top of the building to protest with Kim face to face. Because he didn’t find Jin, he cut off his safety rope with a knife. 1t’s the tragedy

the police said that the footprints found on the roof of the building and the knives in Xu’s home had been confiscated for investigation. After the evidence is confirmed, Xu will be submitted for arrest on suspicion of homicide

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