Mexico may restrict imports of Chinese footwear

the president of the chamber of Commerce of shoes industry in Guanajuato state, Mexico, said that he would ask the Mexican government to restrict Chinese goods from entering the Mexican market in the name of the whole industry in a few weeks< According to the financier newspaper, the chairman of the chamber of Commerce of shoes industry in Guanajuato state, Mexico imported 58.6 million pairs of shoes in 2010, an increase of 30% over 2009. Meanwhile, Mexico exported only 18.737 million pairs of shoes. More than half of the imported shoes come from Asian countries, and some shoes are sold for only 40 pesos / pair (equivalent to about 20 yuan) in Mexico's domestic market. About one million shoe producers and sellers in Mexico are threatened by unemployment. He said the threats come from three factors: Mexico's possible free trade agreement with Brazil, the cancellation of transitional measures against China, and the government's failure to prevent the favorable action of cheap shoes from Asia. The claim by the Mexican authorities that buying cheap imported shoes will benefit low-income groups in Mexico is nonsense. These shoes are of poor quality. 1t has been proved that the only ones who benefit from the policy of the Mexican government are illegal importers, who continue to import goods to Mexico without any standards and certificates. Because these imported goods are dangerous in terms of health requirements, they bring huge costs to domestic producers and final consumers the president of the chamber of Commerce of footwear industry in Guanajuato, Mexico, opposes the inclusion of the footwear industry in the Mexico Brazil free trade agreement, because the Mexican industry cannot compete with the Brazilian footwear industry protected by the government. Mexican producers are in unequal conditions, and Brazil’s production capacity is four times higher than Mexico’s

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