Microwave technology in textile industry: Super microwave oven can dry green spinning yarn

in the “super microwave oven” which is nearly 18 meters long, 2 meters high and 1.3 meters wide, 90 kg of water containing spinning thread is placed on the side of the “oven body”. After 1 hour of “microwave radiation”, most of the water is removed from the spinning thread, and then it is dried for a short time to pack. This kind of “super microwave oven” is actually “cmw-80 microwave dryer”. Chen Yunbo, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, Gao Yong, vice president of the China Textile 1ndustry Association, and other experts said on August 25 that this is the first time that microwave drying technology has been applied in the textile dyeing and finishing industry at home and abroad, which is a “world leader”

microwave drying technology is a new drying technology with high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, safety and sterilization function, which can be widely used in food, chemical industry, building materials and other fields, but it is the first time in the world that it has been introduced into the field of textile drying. According to Chen junfan, chairman of Shandong kangpingna Group Co., Ltd., one of the R & D parties of the equipment, compared with traditional technology, microwave radiation drying can realize the characteristics of small color difference before and after yarn color, high strength and short heating time

printing and dyeing is almost the most energy consuming and polluting link in the traditional textile industry. As the last link of dyeing, drying also wastes a lot of water and heat” Microwave drying is another upgrade of RF technology and represents the future development direction of drying. ” Lu Qingfu, deputy general manager of kangpingna group, said. For the problem of microwave radiation concerned by many experts, the solution of “cmw-80 microwave dryer” is “absorption and shielding” – in order to avoid the harm of microwave radiation to human body, specially designed microwave absorption and protection devices are installed in “super microwave oven”

the research and development of this equipment is based on the “digital automatic cheese dyeing complete equipment” project of the “Eleventh Five Year” support plan of the Ministry of science and technology, and has been applied in some textile enterprises in Hebei and Shandong

“cmw-80 microwave dryer” took two years to develop, which was jointly developed by kangpingna Machinery Co., Ltd. and General Research 1nstitute of mechanical science

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