Migrant workers experience the harm of safety accidents

After rising slowly, the impact rod suddenly fell and hit the worker standing below. Due to the correct wearing of safety helmet, the worker was safe and sound. On June 24, the activity of “sharing responsibility in China” sponsored by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences entered the China construction safety experience Museum. 1n the experience Museum, workers practiced more than 20 experience projects, such as helmet impact experience, lifting operation experiment, hole falling experience, etc

it is understood that this is the first practical training base in China and also the first one in the construction industry to prevent “six major injuries” such as falling from height, object strike, collapse accident, mechanical injury, lifting accident and electric shock injury. By simulating all kinds of safety accidents that may occur in the construction site, the base allows the experiencer to experience the possible harm of unsafe operation

“a hundred times is not as profound as a lesson once. Our experience activity is to make workers aware of all kinds of potential safety hazards at work, and turn the preaching safety education of migrant workers into on-the-spot experience education.” “China’s construction workers are mainly migrant workers, and generally lack safety awareness,” a relevant person in charge of China Construction First Bureau said. For example, workers wear safety helmets at will. Some workers even don’t wear safety helmets when they feel uncomfortable. However, after experiencing the impact of safety helmets, workers are obviously aware of the importance of wearing safety helmets by bearing heavy objects, and the correct rate of wearing safety helmets reaches 90%. “

from the experience results, China State Construction Engineering Corporation said that this experience takes a short time, but the effect is very obvious. The hidden danger rate of management is reduced by 30%, and the violation rate of construction workers is reduced by 50%

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