Ministry of agriculture fully deploys safety supervision of genetically modified organisms

On May 27, the Ministry of Agriculture issued the notice of the Ministry of agriculture on Further Strengthening the safety supervision of agricultural genetically modified organisms, which comprehensively deployed the work of further strengthening the safety supervision of agricultural genetically modified organisms

the safety supervision of agricultural genetically modified organisms is related to food safety, food safety and ecological safety. The Ministry of agriculture attaches great importance to it, constantly improves the system and strengthens supervision. At present, the safety management of agricultural genetically modified organisms is standardized, orderly and generally controllable, but in some places, the phenomenon of illegal proliferation occasionally occurs, causing social concern. Agricultural departments at all levels should fully understand the importance of supervision and enhance their sense of responsibility, urgency and mission

according to the notice, local agricultural departments should strengthen the supervision of the whole industry chain, and thoroughly investigate the links of research and experiment, variety management, seed production and management, processing and identification, so as to make clear the number, the situation and the judgment. The regulatory focus, regulatory measures and work requirements of each link are clarified. At the same time, it emphasizes to further strengthen the emergency management, enhance the initiative of work and grasp the initiative; To standardize the qualification conditions for scientific research institutions to carry out transgenic technology research and improve the access threshold

it is clear in the notice that the provincial agricultural administrative department is the main body responsible for the safety supervision of genetically modified organisms in its administrative region, and should earnestly perform the regulatory functions in accordance with the requirements of laws and regulations. Research and development units and researchers are the first responsible persons for the safety management of genetically modified organisms. We should improve the management system, implement control measures and put an end to illegal proliferation

the circular stressed that all localities should strengthen the construction of the regulatory system, enrich the work force, build a human and financial support system, and establish a long-term mechanism for the safety supervision of genetically modified organisms. Strengthen risk monitoring, improve the prevention ability of active detection and prior intervention. We will crack down on violations and deal with them once they are found

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