Ministry of agriculture starts “safe production month”

On May 27, the Ministry of agriculture launched the 2014 “safety production month” activity in Beijing. Bi Meijia, chief economist of the Ministry of agriculture, director of the general office of the Ministry of agriculture and deputy director of the work safety committee of the Ministry of agriculture, presided over the launching ceremony and made arrangements for the “work safety month” activities and recent work safety. He stressed the importance of studying and implementing general secretary Xi Jinping’s important work on safety production throughout his activities, further strengthening the consciousness of “red line” and promoting the development of safety. We should start with the system and mechanism, comprehensively find out the work loopholes, thoroughly investigate and manage the potential safety hazards, and gradually establish a long-term mechanism for safe production; 1t is necessary to do a solid job in safety production in flood season in combination with activities

Bi Meijia asked that all units should attach great importance to and organize carefully, and the leading cadres should organize themselves and take the lead in participating in the activities. 1t is necessary to intensify publicity and timely discover and report advanced models of work safety. 1t is necessary to mobilize the broad masses of cadres and workers to actively participate in and form a mass upsurge of work safety activities. 1t is necessary to make overall planning and coordination, do a good job in implementation, ensure the effectiveness of the activities, and promote the further improvement of the situation of agricultural safety production

at the launching ceremony, experts were invited to give a special lecture on “people first, safety first”. More than 400 people from departments of the Ministry of agriculture and units directly under Beijing attended the launching ceremony

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