Misunderstanding and selection of dust mask

the biggest mistake: use gauze mask as dust mask. As early as 2000, the former State Economic and Trade Commission explicitly stipulated in the State Economic and trade security [2000] that the gauze mask should not be used as a dust mask, but this kind of wrong choice is still often seen so far. Gauze masks are indeed widely used for dust prevention in the era of backward occupational protection technology in China. However, in recent years, with the progress of China’s protection standards, detection technology and manufacturing technology, as well as the general enhancement of social protection awareness, we have clearly realized the low efficiency of gauze. During SARS in 2003, due to the wrong guidance, medical staff used gauze masks for protection, which caused a large number of medical staff to be infected due to improper protection. The cost was huge and the lesson was profound. Although there is a conclusion on gauze masks from standards and regulations, the long-term use of gauze masks has cultivated many wrong protection concepts, such as more emphasis on “advantages” such as low cost, sweat absorption, water washing and ventilation, but less emphasis on the protective effects such as tightness and effective filtration

common mistakes: compared with the rubber dust-proof half mask, the dust-proof half mask has low protection effect and poor tightness. Many people feel that the rubber material is more elastic and think that it is easier to fit their own face. 1n fact, the factors that affect the sealing effect not only lie in the elasticity of the material, but also in the design of the mask, the tightness and extensibility determined by the material selection of the mask headband, as well as the matching between the weight of the mask and the headband, all of which affect the sealing effect. Many years ago, a large number of field experiments have been carried out abroad to investigate the protection effect of these two kinds of masks in practical application. The research shows that the dust mask has the same protection level as the rubber dust half mask, which mainly refers to the tightness. Therefore, in the foreign and domestic standards (GB / t18664-2002), the specified protection factor of these two types of masks is 10, which is applicable to the environment with the concentration of particulate matter not exceeding 10 times of the occupational health standard

there are various kinds of dust masks, which must be selected according to different operation requirements and working conditions. Firstly, it should be selected according to the concentration and toxicity of dust. According to GB / t18664 “selection, use and maintenance of respiratory protective equipment”, as a half mask, all dust masks are suitable for the environment where the concentration of harmful substances does not exceed 10 times of the occupational exposure limit. Otherwise, full mask or respirator with higher protection level should be used. 1f the particles are highly toxic, carcinogenic and radioactive, the filter material with the highest filtration efficiency should be selected. 1f the particles are oily, be sure to choose the appropriate filter material. 1f the particles are needle like fibers, such as slag cotton, asbestos, glass fiber, etc., the dust mask can not be washed with water, and the mask with micro fiber on the face sealing part is easy to cause facial irritation, so it is not suitable for use

for high temperature and humidity environment, it is more comfortable to choose the mask with exhalation valve, and the mask that can remove ozone can be used for welding to provide additional protection. However, if the ozone concentration is higher than 10 times of the occupational health standard, the mask, dust and poison combined filter element can be replaced. For the environment where there is no particulate matter but only some peculiar smell, choosing the dust mask with activated carbon layer is much lighter than wearing the gas mask, such as some laboratory environment, but because the national standard does not regulate the technical performance of this kind of mask, it is best to try it first to judge whether it can effectively filter the peculiar smell

whether the dust mask really plays a protective role, in addition to choosing the protective function, another important selection factor is the suitability. There is no universal design that can fit everyone’s face. At present, the certification test of dust masks does not guarantee that the masks are suitable for each specific user. 1f there is leakage, the pollutants in the air will enter the breathing area from the leakage. The way to choose a suitable mask is to use the suitability test. 1t uses the taste of human beings and uses special tools to produce bitter or sweet particles. 1f you can still feel the taste after wearing the mask, it indicates that the mask has leakage

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