Mizuno, a Japanese sportswear manufacturer, entered the work uniform market to expand its business

On September 29, Mizuno, a Japanese sporting goods and sportswear manufacturer, announced that it would officially enter the work uniform market from February 2018, mainly for consumers in the construction, manufacturing and transportation industries

in an interview with Japan economic news, the relevant person in charge of Mizuno said that in 2016, the annual turnover of Mizuno exceeded 260 billion yen. 1n order to expand its business, Mizuno began to pay attention to the work uniform market

“there is great potential for the domestic work clothes market in Japan.” According to the person in charge, the annual revenue target in the work uniform market in 2018 is 300 million yen, and that in 2019 i2.5 billion yen” 1n terms of the safety and comfort of work clothes, we will also apply the core technology and experience of Mizuno in the production of work clothes. “

the first batch of work uniform “air jacket” (priced at 10000 yen, about 600 yuan) with fan for high temperature operators will be put on sale this time. Next, 34 kinds of work uniform will be launched successively, including “titanium silver shirt” (priced at 3900 yen, about 230 yuan), which can resist pollen and deodorize. At present, Mizuno only accepts small batch orders with short delivery time, and the first batch of products will be ordered as soon as early October 2017

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