Model and performance of military gas mask

since the gas war in the first World War, gas masks have been born, and countries have re recognized the important position of gas masks in the military industry. With the continuous development of technology, the material, anti gas performance and wearing comfort of gas masks have been greatly improved

French ARFA gas mask is a new type of gas mask specially produced by giat group for French air force. The mask is made of polyurethane (including goggles) and has 4 different sizes to choose from. ARFA gas mask is equipped with communication film, which has better sound transmission performance; 1t has anti fogging system and drinking water device; Just below is the installation hole of the filter box, and on both sides are the exhaust gas discharge hole and the drinking water hole. The filter box uses high-performance coconut charcoal as a new filter material, with wide view and soft main material, which can be worn continuously for 24 hours

1taly sge1000 gas mask is the most advanced military gas mask in the world. This kind of mask is made of polycarbonate material and coated with polysiloxane resin. 1ts wear resistance, impact resistance and chemical resistance are more excellent. The biggest advantage of sge1000 gas mask is its high airtightness and comfort(How to improve the airtightness of gas masks) a pre filter is designed between the gas filter tank and the mask, so the safety factor of replacing the gas filter tank is higher

Swiss SM3 gas mask is a new type of nuclear and biochemical gas mask. The main body of the mask is made of butyl rubber and EPDM material, which is soft and comfortable to wear. The exhaust hole on the mask is designed at the chin, which can not only exhaust and drain water, but also discharge vomit; The filter tank adopts the NATO standard, which can match any filter tank that meets the NATO standard interface and has stronger versatility. 1n addition, the body weight of Sm3 gas mask is about 510g, which makes it easier and more flexible for soldiers to wear

British FM12 gas mask is a new generation of British gas mask, which is produced by Avon group. 1t has left and right gas filtering tank installation holes, the center is the exhaust port and voice diaphragm, and the drinking water system is outside the exhaust port. The mask can be worn for 24 hours and has a long service life

China fmj05 military gas mask belongs to the state-owned 908 factory. 1t is a direct gas mask with novel design. The mask is made of high-quality natural rubber by integral injection molding, the surface is frosted, the elastic band has good elasticity, and the lens is made of polycarbonate, which has wide vision, good optical, wear-resistant and impact resistance. Fmj05 military gas mask can effectively protect the respiratory organs, glasses and facial skin of personnel in case of chemical, biological and radioactive pollution. 1t is used in different fields such as industry, agriculture, warehouse and scientific research


as of 2014, the fourth generation of military gas masks are mainly used in foreign countries. Due to the relatively late domestic research and development plan of gas masks, there is still a lot of room to improve the performance of China’s military gas masks, which needs continuous efforts

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