Modern customization of protective clothing

The traditional clothing industry is driving the industrial structure adjustment with digital and information technology. The concept of “garment digital customization” is the essence and core of “advanced customization”, “cloud customization” and “it customization”

for the front-line workers who have to wear work clothes for a long time, a set of fit and comfortable safety protective clothing is particularly necessary. The fitness and comfort of safety protective clothing directly affect the wearer’s working state and efficiency. 1t can be seen that personal safety protective equipment also needs to be customized to ensure its most effective safety protection

protection, safety, sports and comfort are the design directions of safety protective clothing. 1n clothing enterprises, the promotion and application of “digital clothing customization technology” can greatly improve the quality of professional clothing design and shorten the design cycle. 1n the application process of customized technology, enterprises can also transform their accumulated data resources into tangible production factors, so as to serve customers with more appropriate design methods and means and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises

the main features of digital clothing customization include: first, the use of three-dimensional human body measurement equipment and technology to obtain digital human body model and full-size clothing design. Secondly, the principle of intelligent garment plate making based on knowledge driving is used to realize “one person, one plate”. The third is the use of tag system and single piece flow of modern clothing production organization. Fourth, data management, analysis and service mode based on knowledge management and big data

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