Modification of welding gloves in No.1 company of Pipeline Bureau

“This is a good idea. 1t not only extends the service life of gloves, but also prevents them from being scalded by splashing hot metal. 1t can kill two birds with one stone.” At the end of February, Zhou Yinfeng, an electric welder of cpp117 unit in Tanzania project of No.1 pipeline administration company, said after welding a crossing with the reformed electric welding protective cap

due to the shortage of local construction materials, it is very difficult to find the accessories, tools and labor protection articles used in daily construction in the local market. Take the gloves used by electric welders for example, due to the lack of supply channels and long arrival period of local labor protection supplies, the inventory of gloves is very limited, and sometimes the supply exceeds the demand. During the construction, the hot metal and welding slag produced by welding often splash on the gloves, causing the gloves to be damaged and replaced frequently. 1n the face of the contradiction between the shortage of materials and the need to wear complete labor protection appliances, the crew came up with a way to turn waste into treasure and save cost – to wear a jacket for the welding cap

to put on the jacket for the welding cap, that is to say, drill two small holes on both sides under the electric welding protective cap, use the waste electric welding leather clothes and sleeves to make a moderate size curtain, and then rivet the curtain on the electric welding protective cap with a rivet gun. This method of turning waste into treasure adds a protection between welding gloves and splashing molten iron, which not only prolongs the service life of gloves and reduces the number of gloves, but also forms a saving consciousness of “production accounting, cost control and benefit increase” among the whole staff

“after the promotion of this method of turning waste into treasure, the number of gloves received decreased by more than half year on year, saving nearly 2000 yuan.” Wang Hai, an economic accountant, said. The doggerel of “welding cap, wearing coat, controlling cost and increasing efficiency” spread among the units. 1n addition, the crew calls on the staff to “think of ideas, make unique moves and seek development”, and rewards the “golden ideas” provided by the staff to reduce costs and increase benefits. At the same time, we should establish a cost assessment system in which responsibility is assigned to each person, strengthen the supervision of the use of materials, plug loopholes, and standardize expenses

“to set up the cost awareness of the whole staff, we should start from small aspects, let the staff give ideas, and let the staff get benefits. For cpp117 units, how to maximize the benefits with the least investment is the goal of continuous efforts of employees. The concept of detailed accounting and detailed accounting must go deep into the hearts of every employee. ” Yang Dayi, leader of the aircraft group, said

whether it is the institutionalized cost control management of “single kilometer fuel assessment, personal materials collection publicity”, or the “golden idea” coup of “electrode barrel changing into storage box, welding cap and coat”, a good atmosphere of cost control and efficiency enhancement for all staff has been formed in cpp117 unit

up to now, cpp117 units have saved 16.5kg of welding wire and electrode per kilometer compared with last month, and saved more than 1100 yuan per kilometer. The situation of quality, efficiency and sustainable development is gradually forming

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