monologue of a pair of auto repair labor protection shoes

1n your shoe cabinet, there may be one or two pairs of shoes that fit your feet, making you feel more comfortable and relaxed on the road; 1n the work of auto repair and maintenance personnel, there is also a pair of shoes that make people feel at ease, which can protect the auto repair personnel from accidental damage. This is the most practical “labor protection shoes”

“1” is a pair of labor protection shoes. “1” was born without the noble and elegant temperament of leather shoes, the youthful personality of sports shoes, the elegant and light figure of leisure shoes, and the fresh and refined appearance of literature and art shoes. Some of them are just plain skin and simple and honest body. They are plain and light in appearance and clumsy in wearing, But “1” never feel ashamed, because “1” shoulder an important responsibility to provide foot protection for front-line automobile maintenance workers

although “1” is not good-looking, the inner part of “1” is very substantial. First of all, the sole, the main body of “1”, is made of high-strength insulating material and steel plate, which has good insulation performance, puncture resistance and acid and alkali resistance. 1n the automobile maintenance workshop, there are all kinds of electrical equipment, heavy machinery and equipment, all kinds of bolts and screws, etc. my body can not only prevent electric shock accidents within a certain range, but also protect the automobile maintenance personnel from being stabbed by sharp objects

secondly, the head of “1” is also equipped with “golden bell cover iron cloth shirt”, and the front of the shoes is inlaid with hard and strong steel plate, which makes “1” have good impact resistance and anti smashing function. 1n the process of vehicle maintenance, in case of falling / rolling, the “1” is the last guarantee of safety. Use tough “armor” to resist the impact and protect the foot safety of vehicle maintenance personnel

“1” is a pair of labor protection shoes. 1 was born with the mission of protecting the safety of auto repair personnel. Every step of them will be under my protection

at the bottom, choose a labor protection shoe that belongs to you ~

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