Monthly safety posters for concrete enterprises

1n order to do a good job in the publicity work during the “safety production month”, the commercial concrete enterprises in Tengzhou City actively respond to the call, use the mobile carrier of transport vehicles to post safety slogans and slogans, actively promote the work of safety production, and create a good publicity atmosphere

during the safety production month, more than 200 commercial concrete vehicles from 10 commercial concrete enterprises in Tengzhou City participated in the activity and posted more than 200 slogans, as if wearing a beautiful “red flower”. Under the condition of not affecting the safe driving, the conspicuous safety slogans shall be posted in front of the vehicle. 1t is a simple and practical means of safety propaganda to post safety slogans and slogans on mobile commercial and mixed transport vehicles

first, it has high liquidity and high publicity frequency. There are more than 200 transport vehicles in different areas and roads in the city. They travel back and forth three or four times a day. The publicity frequency is relatively high. 1t carries out continuous publicity for passing areas, pedestrians and workers under construction

Second, the poster is eye-catching and the publicity effect is good. The transport vehicles are large in size, and the slogans are posted in front of the vehicles with obvious positions; White characters on a red background are more eye-catching; The safety slogans are easy to understand, popular and effective

the third is to strive to be a model and build a safe image. According to the investigation, every driver has received safety education from the enterprise for many times, keeping in mind the safety concept of “car in hand, safety in mind” and strictly abiding by traffic regulations. Each driver is equipped with a safety helmet, enter the construction area, take the initiative to wear a safety helmet, start from self, strive to be a safety pacesetter

this activity provides a convenient information publicity platform for “safety production month”. The publicity effect is very good. 1t enables more people to understand safety production, pay attention to safety all the time, and be safe in all aspects. 1t has carried out an invisible “safety education” for the whole city

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