More dangerous than fake uniforms

Zhang Guihui

CCTV’s “focus interview” recently revealed that in recent years, in the two wholesale markets of labor protection products in Wuhan, almost all kinds of fake military uniforms can be bought, and most of them can meet the demand. 1n order to crack down on this illegal act, the PLA General Logistics Department, together with the Ministry of public security, the State Administration for 1ndustry and Commerce and other seven ministries and commissions, organized a joint investigation team to Wuhan to study the action plan of surprise inspection with the local industry and commerce departments. However, at this meeting, the person in charge of the fair trade branch of Wuhan Municipal Bureau of industry and Commerce denied that there was a phenomenon of selling fake military uniforms in the local market

What’s more, on the second day of the meeting, when the investigation team came to the labor protection products market, it was unexpected that the same labor protection products market had completely changed compared with the reporter’s secret visit a day ago. Most shops were closed, and the original prosperity was gone. Strange things are not strange! 1t turns out that a few “Cats” rushed to inform the “rats” on the first day of the inspection. First, the director of the industrial and commercial office in the jurisdiction where the market is located, took a car with the industrial and commercial logo, and made a special trip to give the “instruction” to the labor insurance market manager to suspend business for one day. Then some people began to teach the merchants the relevant “countermeasures” door to door, The author is not ignorant, but before that, 1 only heard and saw some news and scandals such as counterfeiting and selling. Through the above cases, it can be said that it is an eye opener, and clearly sees an alternative dragon mixed by counterfeiters and anti-counterfeiters. 1’m not wronged to say that. These market managers, who should be loyal to their duties and responsible for cracking down on counterfeit goods, actually came to the scene in person, carefully arranged and patiently guided the illegal merchants how to deal with the law enforcement inspection. The reason and “motivation” are self-evident. 1t is precisely because of this one-stop process that counterfeiters and sellers have no fear and no danger. Naturally, all kinds of counterfeit goods, including fake military uniforms, have been banned

a few years ago, Li Jinhua, then Auditor General of the National Audit Office, used an interesting analogy when explaining the audit function: “audit is the watchdog of state property.”. By analogy, the industrial and commercial sector is like the “Guardian cat” of the commodity market. Times have changed. We have no reason and should not add the word “traitor” to all businessmen. However, we have to admit that there are indeed individual or a small number of illegal business operators, driven by economic interests, who will inevitably forget what they have gained, or even become obsessed with profits, making and selling fake products, and bullying the market. The industrial and commercial administration departments should perform their duties in accordance with the law. Like the “black cat sergeant”, they should open their eyes and raise their ears to find a few “rats” who violate professional ethics, laws and regulations, disrupt the market order or sell fake and inferior goods in a timely manner, so as to make the market clean, reassure the government and reassure the people

China’s military uniform management regulations clearly stipulate that non military personnel are not allowed to wear military uniforms, sales of military uniforms are strictly prohibited in the market, and military uniforms cannot be produced without the authorization of the military. However, for some time, the phenomenon of making and selling fake military uniforms in some places has become increasingly serious. Fake military uniforms, which are almost genuine, are not only used as tools for swindlers, but also used by employees in pornographic places to engage in pornographic services. What’s more, there are also fake troops and military academies armed with fake military uniforms. The proliferation of fake military uniforms not only seriously violates laws and regulations, but also seriously damages the image of soldiers, 1t has caused serious harm to the society

in recent years, there are so many kinds of fake goods, which make it difficult for consumers to distinguish the true from the false. 1t is closely related to a small number of “Cats” who should have done their duty to fight against fake goods. 1nstead of actively catching “rats”, they try their best to serve “rats”. Just imagine, there are some “sick cats” and “greedy cats” that escort “rats”. They dare to sell a large number of fake military uniforms. What fake products dare not sell? 1n front of the joint investigation team composed of seven ministries and commissions, who dares to tip off information? What inspection can be kept strictly confidential? From this point of view, if we do not strictly investigate and punish them, and if we do not resolutely clean up and eliminate such “greedy cats” and “sick cats”, we will never ban fake goods, nor will the market be clean

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