More serious trade barriers to the export of Sichuan shoe enterprises

due to the warming up of Global trade protection, some export enterprises in Sichuan have lost their price advantage and are facing more and more business pressure

Liu Ying, assistant to the chairman of Chengdu camedo Shoes Co., Ltd., has a tired voice. More than 10 days ago, the EU voted to extend the anti-dumping duty on Chinese leather for 15 months. Since the EU issued the first anti-dumping ticket against Chinese leather shoes in 2006, many Sichuan export shoe enterprises, including camedo, have endured high taxes for more than three years

Chinese leather shoes are only one of the export varieties of Chinese products hit by overseas trade protection in the past 30 days. From the 5th to the 6th, Mexico and the United States announced special tariffs and anti-dumping sanctions against steel products imported from China”‘ The overseas trade protection barriers faced by “made in China” are gradually expanding. ” Said Qiu Ke, a finance professor at Southwest University of Finance and economics

trade protection has a tendency of “flooding”

with the global economic recovery in 2009 and the rise of trade protectionism, in January this year, not only did not “cool down” but also “flooding” momentum< From January 5 to 6, Mexico and the United States successively announced the imposition of special tariffs and anti-dumping duties on steel products imported from China< According to some media reports, Mexico imposed a tariff of 50 cents per kilogram on Chinese steel chains. At the same time, the US Department of Commerce announced that it would initially impose 43% to 289% anti-dumping duties on steel wire laminates imported from China with a value of more than US $300 million< On December 30, 2009, the United States announced the ruling of imposing a countervailing duty of 10.36% to 15.78% on China's petroleum steel pipes, and created the largest trade sanction case against China by the United States so far. On December 22, the EU voted to extend the anti-dumping duty on Chinese leather for 15 months “the phenomenon of trade protection is heating up, and Chinese export enterprises are facing great pressure.” Qiu Ke, Professor of finance at Southwest University of Finance and economics, told reporters< The Export Department of Chengdu Steel Vanadium Co., Ltd. of Sichuan Pangang Group told reporters that the company's North American oil well pipe export business has been completely shelved due to the impact of the US anti-dumping and countervailing cases, "trade protectionism makes us feel great pressure." according to some shoe enterprises in Chengdu, the EU is the third largest export market of Sichuan’s shoe industry, and more than 10 shoe enterprises in the province have business contacts with EU dealers. The anti-dumping duty will increase the purchase cost of local dealers by 10%, thus making Sichuan shoes lose its price advantage Chinese enterprises are forced to face the trade protection barriers erected overseas< Relevant people of Pangang said yesterday that the company had responded to the anti-dumping sanctions" We are now in a lawsuit with the United States. 1t is not easy to disclose the details. "< Like Pangang, Zhejiang shoe enterprises are adamant about the EU's decision to extend anti-dumping sanctions. According to reports, Zhejiang shoe enterprises said that they would continue to fight the case of appealing to the European Court of justice. 1n addition, they would also continue to unite with domestic shoe enterprises to support the Ministry of Commerce and China Leather Association in appealing to the WTO dispute settlement mechanism. 1n addition, the China Leather Association also expressed support for the Ministry of Commerce's preparation to appeal to the WTO and hired Belgian lawyers< However, the shoe enterprises in Chengdu did not join in the massive anti-dumping campaign some shoe enterprises would rather give up the market a shoe boss in Chengdu, who did not want to be named, told reporters that because the last response to the EU anti-dumping suit was not successful. The shoe enterprises in Chengdu feel the possibility of success in responding to the lawsuit is slim as the EU’s anti-dumping duty on Chinese leather shoes is 16.5%, plus the EU’s 8% tariff, Chinese leather shoes will continue to bear a heavy tax of up to 24.5% in the next 15 months. Liu Ying, assistant chairman of camedo, said that they can only share 16.5% of the anti-dumping duty with dealers” We will lose 20-30% of our profits in exporting to the European Union. “ in the face of more and more trade barriers, “give up” and “shelve” have become the words of some export enterprises in the interview, some Sichuan shoe enterprises complained that they would rather give up if the market sales were hindered due to the increase of tax. And some steel companies also said that in the oil well pipe business, they will increase sales to domestic, Southeast Asian and North African markets

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