More than 100 Jin steel plate smashes labor protection shoes to save toes

the steel plate with a weight of more than 100 kg suddenly fell from a high place and hit the operator Xiao Zhang’s feet heavily. Although it was protected by heavy labor protection shoes, his right foot was still swollen into “steamed stuffed buns”, and his left toe was tightly clamped by the steel plate of the toe of the labor protection shoes. Colleagues on one side rushed Xiao Zhang to the hospital for treatment. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the first people’s Hospital of the development zone that after more than two hours of intensive surgery, Xiao Zhang’s feet were successfully preserved

the day before yesterday afternoon, Xiao Zhang, who was working in an enterprise in the Development Zone, was suddenly hit on his feet by a steel plate falling from a height when he was operating the equipment in the workshop. Xiao Zhang fell down with a “ah”, and his colleagues came forward to help him remove the steel plate. Although wearing thick labor protection shoes, Xiao Zhang’s feet are still seriously injured. 1n particular, the protective steel plate of the toe cap is tightly fastened on Xiao Zhang’s toes, which can’t be broken off. Colleagues immediately sent Xiao Zhang to the first people’s Hospital of the development zone for treatment

the doctor performed the operation immediately” At present, the operation is very successful, and Xiao Zhang’s feet and toes have been saved. ” Yesterday morning, the treatment doctor told reporters, “if Xiao Zhang had not worn the labor protection shoes according to the work standards, the result might have been completely different.”(Reporter Liu Hailong, correspondent He Jun)

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