more than 1300 sanitation workers in Guancheng district received warm underwear, gloves and other condolence products

Yesterday morning, although the cold wind, but Zhengzhou Tube City Green Square is warm” With you, you are great – Green City People & amp; The ceremony of “Dahe Daily City care action” was held here. Lvdu real estate and Dahe Daily sent more than 14000 yuan worth of condolence goods to more than 1300 environmental sanitation workers working in the front line of urban management, and sent care and warmth

“there is no difference between big and small jobs, high and low jobs. What is valuable is to do a good job in an ordinary post all the year round. The sanitation workers have used their hard work and sweat to maintain the environmental sanitation of the urban area. Today, we have prepared cold proof articles for you, hoping to do our best to bring some warmth to our most beautiful people! ” Ma Yiting, director of the trade union of Zhengzhou Business Department of Lvdu real estate, a caring donation enterprise, said. According to statistics, 1400 pieces of thermal underwear, 1400 reflective vests, 800 masks and gloves were donated in this activity< 1n recent years, more and more organizations and enterprises in Zhengzhou have joined the caring team to care for the sanitation workers and send them all kinds of condolence goods. Lu Baogang, deputy director of the municipal construction administration bureau of Guancheng Hui District, said with deep feeling: "today, Lvdu real estate and Dahe Daily jointly send love donations to our sanitation workers, which not only reflects the concern and support of all sectors of society for our sanitation work, but also greatly encourages the enthusiasm of our sanitation workers. We will create a more clean and comfortable living environment with a stronger sense of responsibility and mission, and build a harmonious and livable new urban area with hardworking hands "! He also called on the general public to take good care of the environment, not littering, and take practical actions to respect and take good care of the labor achievements of sanitation workers the sanitation workers’ faces are full of joy with their love items” 1t’s cold, but it’s hot in my heart. With so many people concerned, we are not afraid to work hard. ” Ms. Zhang, a sanitation worker in Guancheng District, said excitedly

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