more than 200 cleaners receive protective gloves and boots

on November 24, Xi’an Evening News reported that a family of three spread red carpet on the overpass at the South Gate of West Polytechnic University on a snowy night to facilitate students to go to school. 1n recent days, we have been looking for a family of three has never appeared. Not long ago, in the name of a family of three, we transferred the 5000 yuan bonus from Alibaba daily positive energy to the cleaners in the area where the overpass is located. On December 9, more than 200 cleaners received protective gloves and cold protective boots purchased with love money

the three members of a family didn’t show up, but the love was delivered

on November 24, the report of a red carpet shop for three members of a family was issued, and the general public praised it one after another. According to the inquiry, the red carpet may be laid by the parents of the students in the high school attached to the West Polytechnic University. However, more than 10 days later, the three members of the family never showed up, and no one claimed the 5000 yuan bonus that Alibaba gave them every day. The story of the three members of the family doing good deeds without seeking fame or profit has infected many people, and many readers have told their feelings through the evening news hotline. One by one, they moved and warmed the city, which is also the continuation of the love of the family who spread the red carpet. Even though they didn’t show up, the love was always around us. After communicating with Alibaba daily, we decided to transfer the bonus to the cleaners in the name of a family of three. On December 6, Xi’an evening news passed the 5000 yuan bonus to more than 200 cleaners through the neighborhood office of zhangjiacun village in Beilin District. The neighborhood office carefully purchased protective gloves and cold proof protective boots. On the afternoon of the 9th, these caring materials were distributed to the cleaners

protective gloves and boots for cleaners

54 year old Su is from Shangluo. He and his wife have been cleaning in zhangjiacun street for more than two months. When they heard that they were going to issue labor protection articles, Su was very happy. At 3:30 p.m., after the cleaners came together, the distribution began, each with a pair of protective gloves and a pair of cold protective boots” These shoes are good. They must be warm! ” Old Sue looked up and down at the gloves and boots. Other cleaners put gloves on their hands early. Before the release, Yang Zanyi, deputy director of zhangjiacun sub district office, specially told the story of a family that spread a red carpet on the overpass and did a good job without leaving a name

Yang Zanyi told reporters that they paid homage to the three members of the red carpet family, as well as Xi’an evening news and Alibaba daily positive energy. After receiving the 5000 yuan bonus, they added some money and bought more than 10000 yuan worth of protective gloves and protective boots” Zhangjiacun Street office cleaning company has more than 200 cleaners. We bought more than 300 pairs of protective gloves and more than 200 pairs of cold proof protective boots to ensure that every cleaner can get a share. ” Yang Zanyi said(Chief reporter Zhang Zhijie (1ntern Lu Jing)

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