More than 20000 pairs of counterfeit labor protection gloves were seized

February 22 (reporter Fan Yu, correspondent Zhang Lina) this morning, the law enforcement officers of Jiancaoping branch of Taiyuan industry and Commerce Bureau seized all the counterfeit labor protection gloves that had just been transported to Jiancaoping small commodity market and had not been put on the shelves

it is understood that the staff of the trademark division of the branch received a report yesterday, saying that a batch of “Xingyu” brand labor protection gloves sent from other places to Jiancaoping small commodity wholesale market were not produced by Shandong Xingyu gloves Co., Ltd., and it is hoped that the industrial and commercial department would go to check them

today, law enforcement officers arrived at the small commodity wholesale market early in the morning and waited at the four entrances of the mall. At about 9:00, a car full of suspected infringement of “Xingyu” brand labor protection gloves just stopped, and the law enforcement officers came forward to check. The inside of the car is all unopened sacks marked with “Shandong Xingyu gloves Co., Ltd.” and “ten needle yarn, rubber impregnated gloves”. Open a look, inside is full of suspected infringement of labor protection gloves, a total of 23000 pairs

after investigation, the party transporting gloves on site did not have the purchase invoice, and then the industrial and commercial law enforcement officers temporarily detained all gloves. At present, the case is under further investigation

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