more than 40000 masks are sold in online stores of Chengdu drugstore

According to the reporter’s investigation,

convenience stores and pharmacies have placed anti haze masks in a prominent position in recent days. 3M masks with exhalation valve are the best sellers, and the selling price is 48 yuan.

there are not a few online stores with monthly sales of anti haze masks of tens of thousands, The monthly sales of an “activated carbon dust-proof and haze prevention mask” in an online store is more than 40000 pieces

professional opinions

ordinary single-layer masks and medical masks almost have no effect on filtering PM2.5. When choosing masks, we should recognize the regular manufacturers and particulate matter protection standards

the haze prevention effect is also closely related to the tightness of masks, 1f the effect of mask air leakage is greatly reduced, the air quality level of Chengdu from July 7 to 9 is moderate to severe pollution, and the primary pollutant is PM2.5. From July 7 to 9, the weather conditions in Chengdu were not conducive to the implementation of artificial precipitation operations

haze prevention, black technology or local measures

in the next three days, there will be moderate to severe haze. The morning post will check the “haze prevention measures” for you.

from the evening of the 5th to the afternoon of the 6th, the relevant municipal departments and districts (cities) and counties in Chengdu dispatched nearly 35000 people to fight against haze, and strengthened the supervision of “haze fighting work.”

Tianfu Morning Post reporter Zhang Fuchao reported comprehensively

in recent days, there are various ways to prevent haze out of the street, such as wearing masks, wearing scarves, installing air purifiers at home, and even some unprecedented “anti haze black Technology”. However, many members of the public say that the popular local methods, such as drinking tremella soup and eating xuewang, may be more effective. Which one do you choose? Let’s take an inventory of the “anti haze technology” and local methods that you may not know

wear black technology

black technology index

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anti virus and anti haze Vajra mask

the world’s only active defense type anti-virus mask has been successfully developed in Wuhan Optics Valley. This Vajra mask will set off a revolution in the mask industry. 1ts efficiency in dustproof (including PM2.5), anti-virus, anti bacteria, anti pollution and anti dust reaches 99.99%. 1t can also provide fresh and healthy oxygen for the wearer. At present, this kind of active defense type anti-virus mask has been put into the market

black technology index

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intelligent anti haze scarf

this seemingly fashionable scarf actually has excellent air purification effect. This kind of scarf is blended with special crystal structure carbon magnesium ion material in cashmere. The radius of influence of static electricity released by this material is 35cm. This static electricity has a strong repulsive effect on particles with diameter less tha2.5 μ m, especially the positive particles containing organic carbon

black technology index

fixed black technology

air purification tower

foreign guy Daan roosegaarde hopes to use ion purification technology to make a giant “vacuum cleaner” that can purify the air of the whole city. This air purification tower can purify 30000 cubic meters of air per hour. The appearance of the purification tower is a white shutter structure. 1t can suck in the polluted air and discharge the clean air after purification

black science and technology index


“giant foam” anti fog haze

London London design company plans to build a huge bubble that can park the park, and the school playground can also be wrapped in this small clean air system. This park contains a large botanical garden, completely isolated from the outside environment, providing perfect clean air

black tech index

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mobile black tech

baby carriage with air purification

the same structure as the air shield car cabin, fully considering the air quality, temperature, noise, sun protection and other factors when outdoors, The protective shell of the glass cover above the car body can effectively isolate the baby from the external environment, and the interior has the function of air purification. The baby can not only breathe fresh air, but also be free from the interference of ultraviolet radiation and noise. The air shield has a built-in microphone that allows parents to sense the sound of the baby in the car

many people say that these black technologies can be seen, but if they are to be used, 1’m afraid the local methods will be more effective. The reporter netted vegetable dietotherapy, tea dietotherapy and respiratory health care methods

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