More than 60% of sanitation workers are troubled by occupational diseases

“1n this physical examination, many sanitation workers were found to have different diseases. Among them, 11 female sanitation workers in a cleaning team were all suffering from arthritis, scapulohumeral periarthritis, lumbar disc herniation and other diseases, and 8 suffered from breast hyperplasia.” On January 18, Chen renlian, general manager of Dalian Wanshuntong environmental cleaning Co., Ltd., who just got the physical examination report of sanitation workers, told reporters that in the love physical examination organized by the sanitation cleaning company on January 10, the physical examination results of 485 sanitation workers showed that more than 60% of sanitation workers suffered from rheumatism, cardiopulmonary disease, cardio cerebrovascular disease and other occupational diseases. Among them, 40% suffered from rheumatic diseases, 20% from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, 11% from cardiopulmonary diseases, and less than 40% of the sanitation workers were in perfect health

the physical examination doctor told the reporter that as the labor of sanitation workers is relatively single, it is very easy to make a single part of the body exert force, resulting in overload operation and easy to suffer from varicose veins, arthritis and other strain diseases. 1n the process of physical examination for sanitation workers, the proportion of similar diseases accounts for about 65%. 1n addition to the above diseases, sanitation workers inhale a lot of dust and exhaust gas, so the probability of suffering from cardiopulmonary and respiratory diseases is also significantly higher than other types of work. The sanitation workers in charge of garbage collection and transportation suffer from lumbar disc protrusion and other symptoms because of the poor shock absorption function of garbage trucks. According to Dr. Zheng Cuihua, because sanitation workers work on the road all the year round, they are often in a state of high tension at work, so many people’s blood pressure is relatively high. Mental stress and fatigue work naturally become the high incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

“in the future, enterprises will gradually institutionalize physical examination and provide such health examination for sanitation workers on a regular basis.” Said Chen renlian, manager of Wanshuntong environmental cleaning Co., Ltd. According to the relevant person in charge of the municipal sanitation department, the physical condition of sanitation workers reflected in the physical examination organized by Wanshuntong company can be said to be a microcosm of the physical condition of sanitation workers in our city. Therefore, it is urgent to pay attention to occupational diseases of sanitation workers. 1t is understood that in recent years, the municipal government and relevant departments have continued to increase capital investment to purchase machinery sweeping, watering, high-pressure washing and other operating vehicles, improve the mechanization rate of urban sweeping, and continuously reduce the labor intensity of sanitation workers. 1n the future, it is necessary to provide more perfect occupational health system for front-line sanitation workers

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