More than 80% drivers in Quanzhou consciously wear seat belts

Shishi has fully started monitoring and capturing illegal behaviors such as drivers not wearing seat belts. Will Quanzhou central city also start to capture them

with this question, the reporter visited Quanzhou traffic patrol detachment. Police revealed that the city’s public security system’s monitoring equipment can capture illegal activities such as not wearing seat belts, among which Luojiang, Hui’an, Jinjiang, Yongchun and other places have been capturing for many years, mainly for vehicles driving on national and provincial roads

as for the central urban area of Quanzhou, considering the factors such as short driving distance, low speed, strong traffic awareness and law enforcement cost, there is no capture for the time being, but the monitoring video will record the driving situation of each vehicle in real time. When checking other traffic violations, the traffic patrol brigade and the police station will also punish the behavior of not wearing the seat belt at the same time, with a fine of 100 yuan and no score

according to the staff of facility brigade of Quanzhou traffic and patrol police detachment, electronic monitoring will automatically compare and generate data when it catches serious traffic violations such as running red lights, speeding, and not driving on the road. For traffic violations without wearing seat belts, it is necessary to check each photo taken one by one, which makes law enforcement difficult and costly. According to the data, in the photos taken by the central city monitoring, only three drivers do not wear seat belts in every 100 drivers checked. Usually, if the crackdown on a violation continues for a period of time, the number of such violations will decrease significantly


random observation at the intersection: more than 80% of the drivers were wearing seat belts

at about 5 pm the day before yesterday, the reporter observed at the intersection of Quanxiu street and huaixiu road in Quanzhou City and the direction from Jiangbin South Road to Xingxian road

at the intersection of Quanxiu street and huaixiu Road, in 8 minutes, there were 67 drivers wearing seat belts and 17 drivers not wearing seat belts, including 1 van, 6 private cars and 10 taxis. 1n the direction of Jiangbin South Road to Xingxian Road, 13 of the 100 cars were not wearing seat belts, including 1 bus, 2 trucks, 1 coach car, and the rest were private cars

Mr. Zhang, a citizen, said that it was very uncomfortable to fasten the seat belt. He felt that he was tied up and felt uncomfortable. Miss Chen has a good habit of wearing a seat belt as soon as she gets on the bus. No matter in the driver’s cab or in the co driver’s cab, “if you don’t wear a seat belt, you don’t know how to drive.”. Mr. Lin said that he didn’t wear a seat belt before, but after seeing the consequences of not wearing a seat belt, he also felt afraid and gradually got used to wearing a seat belt

according to the relevant person of the order brigade of Quanzhou traffic and patrol police detachment, driving on the roads in the central urban area, the driving distance is short, and the speed in the urban area is not fast, so it is not so serious to not wear the seat belt. However, in case of emergency braking, the driver and passengers can be restrained on the seat by fastening the safety belt, so as to avoid the forward impact of inertia and protect the driver and passengers from the damage caused by the second impact

the investigation of the public security department shows that if the safety belt is worn, the death rate can be reduced by 57% in frontal collision; 1n the case of side impact, the death rate can be reduced by 44%; When the car overturns or falls, the death rate can be reduced by 80%

[case] consequences of not wearing seat belt

on Februar5, 2012, a business car was involved in an accident on Quanzhou Nanhui expressway. Among the six people on the car, except the man in the co driver’s seat was injured, all the others died. According to the accident appraisal, the reason why there are so many deaths has something to do with the rear seat passengers not wearing safety belts

on June 16, 2012, a car ran out of control and hit the guardrail on the section of Quanzhou Shenhai expressway. A 19-year-old girl in the back seat was thrown out of the car without wearing her seat belt and died on the spot

on October 7, 2012, two buses collided in Zibo section of Qingyin expressway, one of which overturned into the side ditch of expressway, resulting in 14 deaths and 6 serious injuries. According to the investigation, of the 79 passengers on the two vehicles, only two used seat belts during driving

on May 27 last year, 301 km away from Qingyin expressway, a bus carrying 41 passengers overturned and 9 people were seriously injured. Traffic police believe that the reason why the accident did not cause more serious consequences is that the vast majority of passengers on the car are wearing seat belts

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