Most fashion masks enter the market from small workshops

in recent years, the sales volume of masks in the major pharmacies in the urban area is almost blowout, and some pharmacies are even out of stock. Many boutique houses and clothing stores smell the “business opportunity” that the public craves for both fashion and protection, and rush to push the “fashion masks” printed with cartoon characters and patterns onto the containers. 1ts price is several times that of a professional mask. However, many people do not know that such “fashion masks” are mostly flashy goods, and some even have potential safety hazards

the price is three times that of medical masks

“people with weak constitution are more likely to be infected by H1N1.” Miss Wu told reporters that because she had a cold, she went to a jewelry store on Zhongshan Road in the city to buy a colorful mask. She wanted to prevent virus invasion and avoid passing the cold on to her colleagues

“this mask smells like paint. After wearing it for only one day, 1 didn’t expect that my rhinitis happened again.” Miss Wu said that compared with the pink ribbon cartoon mask, the gauze mask is really ugly. 1n boutiques and jewelry stores, “fashion masks” with various styles and colors gather in containers, with prices ranging from 5 yuan to 10 yuan. The price of reusable ordinary skim gauze masks sold in pharmacies is only 2 yuan, and that of disposable medical masks in a package of 10 pieces is only 3 yuan, which is far lower than that of “fashion masks”

in the streets with dense boutiques such as East Street, Zhongshan Road and Nanjun road in the urban area, there are a lot of such fashionable masks, and people stop to buy them from time to time. The owner of a boutique on the East Street of the city said that their masks are purchased from regular places, and the quality is absolutely no problem. However, when asked about the source of these masks, the store hesitated, and finally failed to give a clear answer. The reporter visited dozens of boutiques and found that such fashionable masks did not indicate the manufacturer’s information and introduce the protection ability

paint printing and dyeing in small workshops is easy to cause disease

“medical masks are required to be more than 16 layers, and there are strict regulations on materials, transportation, storage and disinfection of masks.” Wang Shengping, a pharmacist in a large pharmacy in the urban area, said that professional masks have good air permeability, hygienic and safe cloth, and can prevent bacteria, keep warm and prevent dust on the human body. However, most of the patterned masks sold in boutiques only have two or three layers, which does not have the antibacterial effect of medical masks at all

according to a person familiar with the matter, most of the masks sold in urban boutiques and jewelry stores are from small workshops, and some illegal manufacturers even use paint to dye masks and sell them to the market” Compared with dyes, as an inorganic substance, coatings are easier to fall off, and masks are products that directly contact the mouth. 1f the coating quality is not up to standard, it is easy to cause disease. ” The person said that the pattern mask without strict disinfection, may lead to suffering from rhinitis, hypersensitivity, asthma aggravation

not used as medical device management

under the banner of virus protection, is “fashion mask” jewelry or medical supplies? How to supervise the existing hidden dangers? A few years ago, the state issued a national standard for ordinary absorbent gauze masks and medical masks. Should patterned masks made without gauze follow this standard

relevant experts said that at present, there is no special national standard for ordinary non gauze masks, and the supervision of non gauze pattern masks is in accordance with the “national basic safety technical specification for textile products” and “instructions for use of textiles and clothing”, which means that the safety technical standard of ordinary masks is the same as socks, bed sheets and shorts

“ordinary gauze masks are not managed as medical devices. At present, there are only three kinds of masks that belong to medical device management: medical protection, medical surgery and general medical masks.” According to the staff of the Municipal Food and drug administration, the supervision of professional masks is very strict because there are standards to follow. 1t is reported that since last month, the State Food and drug administration has issued the “notice on strengthening the supervision of medical masks”, which regulates the important technical indicators and types of medical masks, but does not involve such “fashionable masks” standards

“the state should regulate the mask Market and formulate national standards for non gauze masks as soon as possible.” Pharmacist Wang appealed. At the same time, he reminded the general public that for the sake of safety, the general public had better go to pharmacies or hospitals to buy medical gauze masks

the Municipal Food and Drug Administration and the Municipal Bureau of industry and Commerce jointly issued a consumption warning

individual businesses exaggerate the efficacy of masks

our news (reporter Chen Yun, QingWang Lihong, correspondent Hong Zhigang) in view of the recent increase in consumers who buy masks, some illegal operators exaggerate the sterilization, bacteriostasis and antiviral effects of masks to infringe on the rights and interests of consumers. Recently, the Municipal Food and Drug Administration and the 12315 command center of the Municipal Bureau of industry and Commerce issued a consumer warning at the same time: when buying masks, you should not credulously believe the exaggerated propaganda of businesses

“at present, the State Food and drug administration has not approved all kinds of masks that contain sterilization, bacteriostasis and antiviral ingredients as claimed by businesses.” According to the law enforcement personnel of the inspection section of the Municipal Food and drug administration, consumers must understand the scope of application of medical masks: general medical protective masks are suitable for medical personnel and relevant staff to protect against airborne respiratory infectious diseases, with high protection level; Medical surgical masks are suitable for the basic protection of medical staff or related personnel, as well as the protection of preventing the spread of blood, body fluid and spatter in the process of invasive operation; Ordinary medical masks are generally lack of filtration efficiency requirements for particles and bacteria, and the protective effect on pathogenic microorganisms is not exact. They are used for one-time health care in ordinary environment and barrier or protection of particles other than pathogenic microorganisms, such as flower powder

Ms. Lin from 12315 command center of Municipal Bureau of industry and Commerce reminded that consumers should understand the relevant knowledge of influenza prevention and control. 1f they need to buy masks, they should go to regular pharmacies or shopping malls and stores with guaranteed purchase channels to buy medical surgical masks, and take the initiative to ask for purchase bills. 1f there is a consumption dispute, they can provide evidence and complain

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