Most sunscreens are not labeled with SPF

As the weather continues to heat up, “sunscreen” has become the focus of public attention. 1n addition to sunshades, sunscreens and other summer sun protection necessities, in recent years, a variety of sunscreen clothing has also won the favor of consumers. Recently, the reporter visited the market and found that there are various styles of sunscreen clothes, and the price range ranges from tens of yuan to thousands of yuan, but most of them are not marked with SPF on the label, so the sunscreen effect is worrying< 1t is understood that the hot sales of sunscreen clothing are mainly focused on young women and men who have long-term outdoor sports needs. The reporter visited the market and learned that the sunscreen clothes on sale in the market can be divided into three price grades: low, medium and high. They are sold in wholesale markets, street stores, Wanda Plaza and Xinhua Department stores. They are made of polyester fiber, nylon, cotton and spandex, with various styles and prices ranging from tens of yuan to thousands of yuan Quanzhou Wanda F1LA sportswear sells for more than 1000 yuan. The fabric is made of 100% nylon and the lining is made of 100% polyester. The price of dknyjeans Wanda store’s sunscreen clothing is as high as 2150 yuan, the fabric composition is 100% nylon, and the UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) is more than 30 +; The price of a camel sunscreen is 928 yuan. The reporter found that the price of well-known sports brand sunscreen is more than 500 yuan. Most of them are light, transparent or translucent windbreaker. They have sunscreen, waterproof, breathable and other functions. The price is more expensive than ordinary brand sunscreen in the clothing stores near East Street, the price of sunscreen clothes is much more affordable, ranging from tens to 200 yuan, and the styles are more diverse. 1n addition to sunscreen clothes similar to “raincoats”, there are also more affordable cotton sunscreen clothes. The owner of a clothing store said: “young girls pay more attention to the style when they buy sunscreen clothes, followed by the price. The price of sunscreen clothes they can accept will not be very high.” When the reporter asked about the sun protection factor of sunscreen clothes, the owner said that he didn’t understand, “it must be able to prevent ultraviolet rays. How much you put on has a little effect. Ordinary consumers won’t ask so much.” it is worth noting that although there are various styles of sunscreen clothes on sale, most of the product names marked are “skin clothes”, “ultra-thin windbreaker” and so on. The words “sunscreen clothes” are rarely seen, and there are no sunscreen marks and anti ultraviolet index on the commodity labels. Many sales staff said that there are no sunscreen clothes on the market, and this kind of “light windbreaker” is what consumers call “sunscreen clothes”. For the group without special operation, the sunscreen effect is enough< 1t is understood that the current national anti ultraviolet standard for textiles is "evaluation of anti ultraviolet performance of textiles", which clearly stipulates that only when the UPF of the product is greater than 30 and the UVA transmittance is less than 5%, it can be called "anti ultraviolet products". UVA refers to the most harmful part of ultraviolet rays to human body, while UPF refers to the transmission degree of ultraviolet rays. The higher the value is, the lower the transmission degree is, the better the sunscreen performance is. Therefore, if it is a qualified sunscreen clothing, it should indicate the clothing material, the executive standard GB / t18830-2009, and UPF value on the tag. When consumers buy sunscreen clothes, they can observe whether the product tag has such information, and relevant experts will give advice for consumers first, look at the ultraviolet protection factor (UPF). 1f the UPF is less than 15, it can not be labeled as sunscreen or anti ultraviolet clothing; The UPF is 15-24, the clothing has good anti ultraviolet performance; The UPF is 25-39, the clothing has very good anti ultraviolet performance; UPF ≥ 40, the clothing has excellent anti ultraviolet performance; UPF > 50, the impact on human radiation can be ignored. Therefore, the clothing marked with UPF50 or above has the best UV protection performance

Second, look at the material. The fabric of many clothes has the function of blocking ultraviolet rays: the anti ultraviolet effect of polyester is better than that of silk, and the latter is better than that of cotton, nylon and acrylic. When consumers buy sunscreen clothes, they can give priority to polyester materials

Third, look at the color of the clothes. The sun protection effect of dark red and navy blue is better than that of other colors. 1t is worth reminding that the protection effect of light color clothing on ultraviolet rays is very poor, especially the dazzling white cotton clothing, which often contains fluorescent whitening agent, it will reflect harmful light to the unprotected face

relevant experts also said that unless long-time outdoor sports, ordinary people can use traditional sunscreen methods, such as applying sunscreen, using sunshade umbrella and so on, to ensure the sunscreen effect

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