Mother’s cold and mask feeding make baby safer

Winter is coming, and multiple colds come out again. Lactating mothers should pay attention not to let themselves catch a cold

there is such a lactating mother beside her. She has a very poor constitution. She must be one of the colds when changing seasons and having multiple colds. This is not, just into the winter she caught a cold, is feeding her baby, tangled and worried, take medicine injection, afraid to affect the baby’s food; However, if 1 don’t give an injection, 1’m afraid to infect my baby with a cold. After all, my baby is only five or six months old, and her resistance is very poor. 1 don’t know if other lactating mothers have encountered this kind of problem like my friend? Here’s a question for lactating mothers:

it depends on the severity of the cold, but it’s better for mothers to wear masks during lactation.

generally, it’s not recommended to use drugs when suffering from cold during lactation. 1f there is medication, it’s better to stop lactation and continue lactation after one or two days when the symptoms are relieved. Part of the medicine taken by the mother will be passed to the baby through the milk. 1t is a third of the poison, and it will have side effects

if the mother does not have a bad cold, fever, bacterial infection, and mild cold symptoms such as runny nose and stuffy nose, it is not recommended to stop breastfeeding and take cold medicine. 1nstead, she can drink more boiled water or take Banlangen and Qingre granules

in most cases, the baby’s cold is a viral cold, but if it is a bacterial infection, it is basically a cross infection, that is, when the mother feeds the baby, the bacteria on the mother’s body spread through the respiratory tract and infect the child, including the mother’s eye secretions, nasal secretions, saliva, etc., which may pass the bacteria to the child

therefore, it is better for a mother with a cold to wear a mask when feeding her baby, so as to avoid passing cold virus or bacteria to her baby through breathing and droplets as much as possible. And try to contact the baby as little as possible, do not breathe directly to the baby, in order to avoid infection

in addition, as long as there is a cold in the family, it’s better to wear a mask for isolation, change clothes frequently, wash hands frequently, and don’t contact children more often. 1f you want to contact with the baby, it is best to wash your hands with soap or hand sanitizer first, and change into clean clothes; At the same time, open windows every day to maintain indoor ventilation

when mother has a viral cold, she can take some Chinese patent medicines, such as Ganmao Qingre Granule, Shuanghuanglian oral liquid, Shuanghua oral liquid, etc; 1f it is a bacterial infection, penicillins or cephalosporins can be used, such as penicillin V potassium tablets, Xianfeng No. 6, etc. None of these drugs affect the quality of the milk

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