Multi millionaires are deeply involved in lawsuits and rely on labor insurance for a living

14 years ago, without a nephew, it might have been difficult for them to get out of the shadow of middle-aged bereavement; Now, if it wasn’t for nephews, their situation might not be so deplorable

recently, the Jiangdong court ruled a loan dispute, which is about the tortuous experience of a couple in Ningbo from a multimillionaire to having no fixed residence

the nephew took good care of them and walked out of the shadow of bereavement

this couple is in their 60s. Mr. Wang was doing business in Wenzhou when he was young

accumulated a family property worth tens of millions of yuan. They live in villas and have many real estate and shops under their name. They can live on rent alone

Mr. Wang and his wife have a daughter, who is not only clever and sensible, but also has excellent grades. She has almost all the hopes of the couple

however, something unexpected happened. 1n 2001, my daughter died in a car accident. The bad news almost killed them. After his daughter left, Mr. Wang and his wife were immersed in the pain of their daughter’s death all day, their body collapsed and their mental state was on the verge of collapse

when they were most sad and helpless, their nephew Zhang always accompanied them and took good care of them. This makes the couple very moved, as if to see the hope of life

under the care of Zhang, they gradually walked out of the shadow of their daughter’s death and adopted a child as their spiritual sustenance

he lent money to his nephew, and tens of millions of properties were lost.

Zhang is a businessman who invests in many projects, including medical equipment and private loans. He needs a lot of cash flow

out of gratitude for Zhang, Mr. and Mrs. Wang treat Zhang as their own son. As long as Zhang opens his mouth, they will do whatever they want. They not only lend him all their property to do business, but also borrow money from their friends, brothers and sisters. They have never asked Zhang to issue an 1OU

at the end of 2012, Zhang failed in his business and was in debt. Many of them were borrowed by Mr. and Mrs. Wang at the beginning, or they guaranteed for Zhang. Many creditors found Mr. and Mrs. Wang

Mr. Wang and his wife are in a state of collapse again, so they have to keep looking for Zhang to ask him to issue an 1OU. But these are not enough to calm the anger of creditors< 1n 2013, many companies and individuals sued Zhang and Zhang died. Unable to face the pressure from relatives and friends, Mr. Wang and his wife also lived in hiding Mr. Wang’s property and store were mortgaged by Zhang. After the court judgment, the couple’s property was auctioned one by one< However, in October last year, they also took Zhang to court and asked him to pay back the money in January this year, Zhang was summoned by the notice procedure of Jiangdong court, but he did not appear in court, so the court tried in absentia. 1n court, Wang’s wife was emotional and crying the fact that Zhang borrowed money from Wang and his wife can not be identified by the 1OU alone. 1n order to find out the truth, the judge went to many banks to investigate and collect evidence, and obtained evidence such as remittance voucher, which confirmed that Zhang borrowed money from Mr. Wang and his wife last Thursday, the Jiangdong court ruled in default that Zhang returned 15 million yuan to Wang and his wife the judge said that Zhang’s lawsuit involved hundreds of millions of yuan, and his property had already been sealed up by various courts. Even if there was a judgment, Mr. Wang and his wife could not get much of it the couple used to live a good life. Mr. Wang didn’t apply for labor insurance. Now they only rely on their wife’s monthly labor insurance of 1500 yuan, and they have to raise a minor child. The situation is deplorable copyright notice: This article is reproduced from the network media, only represents the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with this website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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