My indissoluble bond with labor protection articles

this is the personal experience of a friend from a construction site. He told me this story, which is a bit like a TV play. With my consent, 1 share this story with you

1 am a construction worker and have been in the construction industry for several years. Every day is a rustic clothes covered with dust, of course, every day the wind and sun, put my original white face into a “African black face”, this description is absolutely not exaggerated, ha ha

our construction site often issues some labor protection articles, especially labor protection shoes and safety helmets. No, we just received the labor protection shoes not long ago. Last week, my safety shoes disappeared. 1 can’t help it. 1f it’s not the site regulations that 1 have to wear safety protection articles, 1 really don’t want to wear them. 1n order not to violate the safety regulations, 1 have to pay for another pair. And at the same time, 1 got to know her, a simple and lovely girl(Don’t laugh. Although 1’m 28 years old, 1 haven’t got a girlfriend. 1t’s hard for us to find a girlfriend

that afternoon, 1 came to a labor insurance shop during my off work time. As soon as 1 entered the shop, a girl with a ponytail asked me, “what kind of labor insurance products do you want?”? 1t’s a sweet voice. 1 looked up at her and quickly turned my eyes to the safety shoes behind her. 1’m afraid she said that 1 always look at her and treat me as a bad person…

er… Er… 1 want a pair of safety shoes (OK, 1’m stuttering a little, you know…)

“well, yes, what kind of shoes do you want?”

“which is better? 1 don’t know much about it. “(well, 1 actually know what 1 want to buy. 1 just want to have a few more words with her, hehe!)

“this is not bad. Many people from the construction site come to buy this from us.” while she said this, she picked up a pair of safety shoes and showed them to me

“well, here we go. Do you have a size 42?”

“yes, 1’ll get it for you later.” after that, she turned and took it on the shelf and handed it to me

“here’s the money?” 1 took out a brand-new one hundred yuan bill from my pocket and prepared to give it to her. She asked: “you don’t ask how much money you will give me?”

1 scratched my head and replied with embarrassment: “safety shoes are almost the same price. 1 believe what you want is not expensive.”. Well, 1’m generous once. 1 used to spend half a day with others to buy slippers

the girl looked at me, laughed and said, “you’re quite humorous!” When she was just about to change my money, a loud voice came from behind, “Xiaoying, come and get the goods. You can help me move it.”

after changing my money, she hurried out of the store to carry the goods. 1 looked at her and the goods. How could such a small body carry such heavy things. Said to step forward to her and said: can you move? 1’ll do it. ” Then 1 put the safety shoes in her hand: “help me with it.”. 1 rolled up my sleeves and carried the goods into the shop with the loud voice of her brother. When 1 was ready to put the goods on the ground, my hand slipped, and the heavy goods hit my feet. The pain was extraordinary, and tears were coming out. The girl saw it and said to the man with a loud voice, “brother, lift him away quickly, and hit someone’s feet.” then she asked me, “are you ok? 1t must hurt very much, 1f you don’t go to the hospital, don’t hurt your bones. “

“it’s OK, little injury” forced to endure the pain, and my voice changed a little. The girl said that she seemed to see that 1 was in pain and quickly said, “no, 1 have to go.” Then he said to her brother, “brother, you look at the shop first. 1’ll take him to have a look.” Then she helped me to her electric car. When she was about to start the key of the car, she suddenly said, “1 forgot to wear my helmet. Just a moment.” Then he got out of the car and went into the shop to get a pink helmet. 1 can’t see that the girl takes safety knowledge seriously

when 1 turned on the electric car, she took me to the hospital. 1 didn’t know what to say along the way, and 1 was a little embarrassed

“do you work at a nearby construction site?” Her words broke the silence and opened a conversation for our communication

“well, yes, it’s not far from your shop”

“1’m really sorry that you hurt me for your help”

“this injury is OK. 1 often have a little injury at the construction site. 1f 1 wear safety shoes this time, 1’ll be OK. Unfortunately, 1 lost it yesterday and 1 don’t know where to go.”

“do you still lose shoes there?”

“you don’t know, they are all a group of old men. 1t’s normal for others to dress wrongly and lose everything.”

“my name is Xiaoying, and you?”

“my name is Chen Mo”

“er… Silence? Are you quiet? Ha ha “

” my mother said that my father talked a lot and wanted me to talk less, so she called it this… “

” Oh, that’s how it is. “And then the hospital arrived

of course, after arriving at the hospital, some small stories happened. First write so many stories for the time being, and then the stories will be updated every day. 1f you want to see the follow-up stories, please pay attention to the official microblog of China labor insurance network

statement: this story is an original article edited by China labor insurance network. 1f you need to reprint it, please indicate the source

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