My recommendation of labor protection articles in summer

With the Dragon Boat Festival far away, the hot summer naturally catch up, which is a big challenge for the labor protection people who use labor protection appliances. Many enterprises, as always, are waiting for the labor protection supplies to be fully prepared one month ahead of schedule

in the hot summer, when you visit the construction sites and factories, you can often see the phenomenon of not wearing safety helmet, mask or protective clothing. When you approach, you can answer the same question: “it’s too hot, it’s too stuffy to wear a mask; The protective clothing is too thick…

in summer, the average temperature is 378 degrees. For the employees who still stick to their posts, the labor protection articles at work not only protect the employees, but also raise the temperature. At this time, our purchasing personnel must make a lot of investigations to understand the labor protection articles in summer, so as to bring a fresh working environment to the employees, Several summer labor protection articles are recommended by China labor protection website: 1. Breathable safety shoes: air holes are made on both sides of safety shoes to cool down through ventilation.

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