N95 mask cannot be called “PM2.5 mask”

Due to the aggravation of industrial and automobile exhaust emissions, the haze in some domestic cities is also quite serious. According to 1nternet rumors, N95 masks can prevent haze, and some businesses directly name these masks “PM2.5 masks”

is this kind of mask really useful in the haze environment? Can fine particles be filtered out? As the developer of “N95 mask”, Zhang Linghan, President of 3M Greater China, has just experienced the “fog city” weather in Malay Peninsula and was transferred from Singapore to Shanghai. Recently, in an interview with reporters, he said frankly that “PM2.5 mask” is not a scientific concept; Similarly, “N95 mask” can not be called “PM2.5 mask”< However, as long as it is made of gauze, it is not reliable. 1t is a big mistake to use the gauze mask as an anti particle mask, and the price of the professional dust mask is much more expensive than that of the gauze mask. As early as 2000, it can be found that it is forbidden to use the gauze mask as a dust mask in the workplace. Because gauze mask not only has low filtration efficiency, but also has insufficient ability to isolate polluted air in fact, “N95” is the standard of National 1nstitute of occupational safety and health of the United States, which is the lowest in all levels of filtration efficiency of anti particulate matter respirator. 1ts filtration efficiency for non oily particles, such as dust, paint mist, acid mist, virus and other microorganisms can reach more than 95%. Although it can filter PM2.5 particles smaller tha2.5 microns, it is not specially designed for this single function, “3M will not call it a PM2.5 mask.” activated carbon does not increase the protection efficiency so, can activated carbon mask prevent PM2.5? Respiratory system protection product engineer introduces that adding a thin layer of activated carbon or other gas absorbing materials to the particulate matter protection mask can reduce some low concentration odorous gas, that is, reduce odor. For example, odor emitted by * * substances. When the concentration of odor gas is high enough to be harmful to health, it is necessary to use a gas mask therefore, the performance of activated carbon masks on the market is not better than that of non activated carbon masks. Activated carbon can only reduce some odor, but there is no difference between PM2.5 with or without “carbon”. Activated carbon mask does not increase the efficiency of particulate matter protection the loophole lies in the face shape whether the anti particulate mask really plays a protective role or not is an important factor, because there is no universal mask design that can fit everyone’s face shape. At present, the certification testing of all anti particulate masks does not guarantee that the masks are suitable for each specific user. Due to different face shapes, if there is leakage when wearing masks, fine particulate pollutants in the air will enter the breathing area from these “big holes” it is unscientific to claim that “PM2.5 mask” is washable. These filter materials should not be washed or disinfected, no matter they are anti-virus or dust-proof, otherwise the filter elements will be damaged and the filtration efficiency will be reduced our website solemnly declares that this article is reprinted by network media, only representing the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with our website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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