Nami’s 20th anniversary party: giving awards on the spot

time flies by. 1n 20 years. On Februar2, 2018, the year-end party of the 20th anniversary celebration of Shanghai name1 Shoes Co., Ltd. was held in Shanghai ganghong hotel. The staff representatives from name1 head office and all offices attended the party in full dress and congratulated with one heart

accordion performance of the young family members

group photo of Nami family

at the annual meeting, a number of awards, such as outstanding employee award and annual sales champion award, were set up to award outstanding employees in 2017. And the versatile staff: musical instruments, dance and other kinds of rich and colorful art programs, show themselves, make the annual meeting more exciting! Nami’s employees and the family members of the employees who are invited have a happy gathering

a wonderful annual meeting is a good memory, a miniature of enterprise development, a carrier of enterprise culture, and the inheritance of enterprise spirit. Twenty years of glory! We are ready to work together to create a new journey in 2018

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