Nanan light textile shoes and clothing “diving” power

to build a 50 billion yuan industrial cluster of light, textile, shoes and clothing is another new goal proposed by Nan’an recently. Taking stock of the year of the rabbit, Nan’an’s light textile shoes and clothing industry is walking out of a differentiated “low-key” route: functional products to hit the market and children’s brands to open up a new road

the export ratio has increased by more than 30%

after more than 30 years of cultivation and development, light textile shoes and clothing have become the real “housekeeping skill” of Quanzhou economy, and “Quanzhou plate” with the label of light textile shoes and clothing has appeared in the capital market. Especially Jinjiang and Shishi are famous for their numerous brands at home and abroad. Nanan, which drinks the water of Jinjiang River, has few famous shoes and clothing brands. However, industry insiders said that Nan’an textile shoes and clothing long-term “diving”, has already formed a 10 billion yuan industry. For example, wanjiamei company, a first-class clothing enterprise, is a giant in the knitting industry. 1t paid taxes of more than 10 million yuan last year, and now it has been listed as a key listed backup enterprise. The figures from Nan’an Bureau of statistics are more convincing: in the first eight months of this year, the export value of footwear, clothing and textile industry reached 4.127 billion yuan, an increase of 34.2% year on year< At about 5:00 p.m. on the 14th, the reporter walked into the chairman's office of Fujian Feiyue shoes and Clothing Co., Ltd. and saw seven people discussing around a table of shoe patterns" Ornaments in this color may be more harmonious. " Fu sunhuan, chairman of the board of directors, held a shoe sample in one hand and a cut vamp in the other hand, constantly gesticulating as early as three years ago, during the global financial crisis, the reporter also interviewed Fu sunhuan. At that time, Feifei shoes and clothing company was trying to promote brand products, and opened a franchise store in Nan’an City. Three years later, Fu sunhuan is adjusting the direction of development. 1n Fu sunhuan’s office, the reporter saw three kinds of health shoes. Yuan Shijun, deputy general manager of the company, said that the shoes have applied for more than 10 patents. Due to the use of natural rubber and plastic, they are one fifth lighter than ordinary shoes and three to five times longer than ordinary shoes” The core material and structure have been completely solved, as long as the protection details of late accessories and vamp are improved. ” Yuan Shijun disclosed that due to not using glue and saving labor, the production cost has been reduced by one third, and the material cost has also been reduced by one tenth. The products have been exported to Japan, South Korea and other countries< There is no denying that Nan'an enterprise is slightly inferior to its counterparts in Jinjiang and Shishi in the brand creation of adult shoes and clothing products. However, in the field of children's products, Nan'an enterprises are rightfully carrying the banner. Honglai enjoys the reputation of "China's famous children's wear town". Nan'an also has a large number of famous brands: Bangdeng, Zuyou, qibohui, Lanmao, Cambridge, nanhualong... according to the industry insiders, the children’s products industry, like a thriving child, has become the most growing landscape of Nan’an’s light textile shoes and clothing industry. From cartoon endorsement to star endorsement, from only making children’s shoes to launching clothing projects, a new industry “whirlwind” is blowing according to the analysis of authoritative institutions, from 2005 to 2015, the national child birth rate continued to rise, and the proportion of children’s consumption in family consumption will account for 20% – 30%. We are optimistic about the broad prospects of children’s products market. Like other Nan’an children’s brands, nanhualong will do even more next year” We should constantly enrich the connotation of the story and avoid repeating the same old tune. ” Chen Zhongxing revealed that in addition to shooting the sequel of “Sheriff black cat” next year, he plans to build an animation city in Nan’an, and is currently doing a feasibility analysis of the project Author: Qiu Hejun

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