Nanchang special rectification site construction safety

1t was learned yesterday that from May to December this year, Nanchang Work Safety Commission has carried out special rectification of building construction to prevent collapse accidents in the field of engineering construction in our city. Focus on the rectification of potential safety hazards and illegal operations in all kinds of lifting machinery, bridge erector, construction vehicles, scaffolding and other links in the engineering construction field

according to the introduction, the “looking back” work of special rectification is divided into three stages. At present, it is in the stage of deployment, self inspection and self correction. From mid May to the end of October, special rectification will be implemented. Through “looking back”, reduce the total number of construction collapse accidents, strive to achieve a significant year-on-year decrease in the number of construction collapse accidents and deaths in 2014, put an end to the occurrence of major accidents, and implement “zero control” on major construction accidents

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