Nanchong shoes are sold to 15 countries in the world

on the afternoon of the 11th, the reporter walked into the workshop of Nanchong Xinghong Shoes Co., Ltd. in Peng’an 1ndustrial Park, and saw hundreds of workers busy processing the vamp, and organically combining the processed parts to produce the end products shoes of different styles, which made the whole workshop busy. From this year, the company began to produce finished shoes, mainly producing sandals, leather shoes, casual shoes and other 8 varieties. At present, more than 90000 pairs of finished shoes are sold to the United States, Canada, Japan and other 15 countries every month

it is understood that Nanchong Xinghong Shoes Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Taiwan hexintai group. The company plans to build the production line in three phases. The first production line has been put into normal production; The second production line is planned to be installed in late July and the third by the end of this year. After the completion of the three production lines, the employment problem of 2800 people will be solved, and the company will form a one-stop industrial chain including shoe upper processing, combination and sales

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