Nanhe strengthens national consciousness and strives to be a domestic brand

the labor insurance industry is a sunrise industry. 1n recent years, more and more people have joined the industry, especially the respiratory industry, which shows that the national awareness of protection is becoming stronger and stronger. This is a good phenomenon. But the high-end market share is almost some foreign brands. 1s this worth pondering

1. The domestic people are suspicious of domestic products and think that foreign products are of high quality. The security departments and purchasing departments of users (especially large state-owned enterprises) are not willing to give opportunities to some domestic high-quality products. Some of them don’t even look at them and directly deny them. They arrogantly say that we all use imported products rather than domestic ones(2. 1n the end, only foreign companies make a lot of money, OEM enterprises only earn poor processing fees, and agents earn hard running expenses. This is the status quo of Chinese labor insurance enterprises(Lack of brand)

3. Some domestic labor insurance manufacturers have no new products for several years or more, blindly imitate, and do not have their own product personality, and only seek short-term benefits. There is no plan for the long-term development of the enterprise. 1n the end, it’s just a short-lived business

we are not the opponent of the opponent, we are only the standard of the opponent. 1 sincerely hope that in the next few years, the competent departments of the industry will give more support to domestic enterprises, so that our domestic product quality, brand building and market share of high-end products can reach a higher level of development

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