Nanjing high rise residential fire safety worrying

On Januar2, a fire broke out in a high-rise building in Chunjiang new town, Nanjing. When the fire brigade arrived, the fire hydrant couldn’t flow a drop of water. However, the frequent house fires didn’t pay attention to the fire safety of the residential buildings. The reporter of Yangzi Evening News frequently encountered strange things when visiting the high-rise residential buildings in Nanjing these days: the fire hose in some residential areas has been placed for 14 years and no one has replaced it, The fire extinguisher “born 16 years ago” is still on duty today — the lack of fire safety management in high-rise residential buildings is very popular

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the fire hose has not been changed more than ten years ago

Yinxiang apartment near Chaotiangong is an old community built in 1998. Chen Xiaofeng, who has lived here for more than ten years, is still worried about a fire that happened in the community

she recalled that the fire happened in the house where an old couple lived. At that time, the two old people forgot to turn off the fire after they left the house. As a result, the dried oil smoke overflowed along the public flue, and then quickly caught fire. The residents rushed to the police, but when the fire brigade arrived, they found that the fire water pressure in the community was not enough, so it was another toss, and the water gun successfully sent water upstairs. However, at this time, the fire in the house had become a big fire, and the fire was finally controlled by the firefighters

although the residents of the community have a more real understanding of the importance of fire safety through the fire experience, Chen Xiaofeng, who is careful, anxiously tells the reporter of Yangzi Evening News that the fire hose in the high-rise buildings of their community has not been changed for more than ten years. 1n No.1 building of Yinxiang apartment, the reporter of Yangzi Evening News saw the fire hydrant box in the corridor. With the cooperation of the property management staff, the reporter opened a window and door of the fire hydrant box. Maybe it was because the equipment inside had not been touched for a long time. As soon as the door was opened, a cloud of dust immediately rose

“it hasn’t been changed for at least 14 years. Are these hoses useful?” Facing the open hose, Chen Xiaofeng said anxiously. And in her impression, no one has taken care of these fire hoses since they were put into the fire hydrant box

the reporter was a little curious. When were these life safety related fire hose produced? The reporter opened one of the rolled up water belts to inquire about the production date on them. However, after checking several fire water belts in a row, it was found that the production date on these water belts could not be found because of the long time and wear and discoloration. Moreover, the production date on the fire hydrant mouth in the fire hydrant box was also worn off. Chen Xiaofeng said that she very much hopes that the fire department can investigate the fire hazards in their community, and don’t let the fire facilities become furnishings

the fire hydrant door is sealed by the owner’s inverted bicycle

Yijing garden in Gulou District is also a high-rise community built in Nanjing in the 1990s. The hidden fire hazards of the high-rise buildings here also surprised the reporter of Yangtze Evening News

on the second floor of No. 27 Yijing garden, on the vertical iron pipe on one side of the fire passage, an old bicycle was tied to the iron pipe upside down with a piece of cloth. The reporter originally thought that there was no fire hydrant box in the passage, but when he approached the inverted bicycle and looked back, he found a corner of the fire hydrant box. Because the bicycle was stuck to it, the poor door could not be opened at all

“this bike has been here for three or four years.” Seeing a reporter from Yangzi Evening News taking photos, Ms. Zhang, a resident of the building, said that she didn’t know who put the bicycle. At the beginning, everyone thought it was unsafe, but after a long time, no one cared about it any more. But from her heart, if the house is on fire, it’s not safe

after leaving the fire hydrant box blocked on this floor, the reporter of Yangzi Evening News walked up the safe passage. When he came to the fire passage on the fifth floor, the passage suddenly became narrow. 1t seemed to be a warehouse for decoration waste, and a bicycle was parked beside the “warehouse”, which made the narrow passage more difficult to pass

“it’s normal to pile things in the fire passage, and our property management can’t help it.” A property management staff member of Yijing garden told the Yangtze Evening News that stacking things in the passageway of the community is very common, and they also publicized the safety risks to the residents, but it has no effect. The property management personnel said that during his two years of work, he did not see the fire department come to the community to check

the fire extinguisher in the “safe community” has been used for 16 years

the two high-rise buildings in No. 117, Chengxian street, where the plaque of “safe community” is hanging at the gate of the community, have been visited by the reporter of Yangzi Evening News and found that the high-rise buildings here are not safe. When the reporter came to the third floor, there were only two isolated fire hydrant valves left in the fire hydrant box on the wall, and the fire hose that should have been matched with it had disappeared. During the whole visit, the reporter of Yangzi Evening News found that almost every floor should be equipped with a fire hydrant box with “insufficient weight”. Not only that, but also the steel interface between the fire hydrant and the fire hose has fallen off. Obviously, this device has no way to make the fire prevention facilities work normally

at the exit of the elevator on the fourth floor of a high-rise building in the community, the reporter of Yangzi Evening News saw two portable fire extinguishers covered with dust. The label on the front of the fire extinguisher clearly indicated that the fire extinguisher should be repaired every year. However, when the reporter saw the repair sign on the back of the fire extinguisher, he was shocked, 1t clearly says that the inspection date is May 1998, that is to say, the fire extinguisher has not been inspected since it was first equipped in the building. The fire extinguishers of the whole building in this community are basically of this batch. Can the 16 year old fire extinguishers still be used

in No.78 community of Houzaimen East Village, which belongs to the staff residence of Nanjing alkylbenzene factory, when the reporter of Yangzi Evening News and the guard explained that they visited the fire safety problems, the guard teacher Fu patted his chest and said that their building was built in October 1987, and there were no safety problems for so many years. But when the reporter of Yangzi Evening News walked into the corridor, he found that the fire hydrant boxes from the first floor to the top floor were completely nailed with iron sheets, and there was no way to open them with bare hands. Afterwards, the reporter of Yangzi Evening News learned that the purpose of doing so was to prevent thieves from stealing fire-fighting equipment. But in case of a fire, how can such a sealed fire hydrant box be put into use quickly

who is in charge of fire fighting facilities

the property management of the community

without the property fee, we can’t manage it

in the face of the fire hose that hasn’t been replaced in our community for more than ten years, director Bai of Shengquan property management company, who just took over the property management of Yinxiang community, said frankly that as far as he understood, the safety inspection of fire facilities is not included in the service content of the property fee approved by the price bureau, The property management fee collected in their community does not include the management of fire-fighting facilities, so the daily inspection of fire-fighting facilities is not included in their service content

in director Bai’s opinion, the fire-fighting facilities in the community should be managed by professionals, and it is obviously difficult for property management personnel without professional knowledge to manage them

in addition to the lack of professional maintenance technology, the lack of funds is also an important reason for the aging of fire facilities. The property management director of another community said frankly that the problem of fire facilities safety has a long history, and now we have to have funds to solve it, but the maintenance fund is limited, and the residents’ opinions are not unified, so it’s very troublesome to deal with it. They have coordinated for it before, but they all failed. 1t’s really too difficult to coordinate funds as a property management company

the fire department

has few staff, and the residential area has been entrusted to others for management

the property management company is not willing to carry out safety inspection on the fire-fighting facilities in the residential area, so who will inspect the fire-fighting facilities in the residential area on a regular basis? Yangzi Evening News reporter then, as a community owner, dialed a district level fire brigade in Nanjing

on the phone, the reporter said that he was worried about the safety of the fire-fighting facilities in his community, and questioned the inaction of property management. However, the other side said that due to the lack of staff, the fire-fighting facilities in the residential area are no longer under the supervision of the fire department. She asked the reporter of Yangzi Evening News to consult the police stations in the area under her jurisdiction, because each police station will set up a fire safety officer to be responsible for the fire safety in the area under her jurisdiction. However, in many residential areas visited by the reporter of Yangzi Evening News, almost none of the residential property management has ever received the regular inspection of fire safety officers

CPPCC members

determine the first person responsible for fire safety of residential buildings

after several years of use, fire hazards abound in Nanjing high-rise residential areas, and the management and maintenance of fire facilities need to be strengthened. Li Xiaoxia, member of the Nanjing Municipal Committee of the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference, pointed out in an interview with the Yangtze Evening News that the relevant departments should promptly conduct a major investigation of fire hazards in the high-rise buildings in the city. For high-rise residential buildings, the property management company should be established as the first person responsible for the supervision of fire facilities. Fire fighting facilities should also be subject to annual review like elevators. Funds for maintenance and renewal of fire fighting equipment can be included in the expenditure of housing maintenance fund. 1n addition, the fire and transportation departments should work together to ensure the smoothness of the fire loop in residential areas. The planned fire control loop shall not be used for other purposes, the obstacles affecting the fire fighting of high-rise residential buildings must be removed, and the roadside fire hydrants shall be kept in good condition. She stressed that the most important thing in fire fighting is awareness and prevention, which should be insisted on for a long time. A temporary relaxation may lead to irreparable consequences

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